High Court Cancels Bail, Orders Arrest of Two in Forged Judgment Case

Lawyer arrested, police lookout for accomplice

Shimla: Following quashing of bail applications by HP High Court in a matter related to preparing of a forged court judgment to obtain benefits, police on Wednesday arrested an accused lawyer and are on the lookout his accomplice in the crime.

When contacted SP Shimla, Sonal Agnihotri said, “following quashing of bail by the High Court, Haresh Sood, an accused in the case has been taken into custody. We are looking out for Kuldeep Rao, the other accused.”

Earlier in the day, Justice DD Sud of the High Court after passing strictures on the trail court for granting bail to the two accused by terming the order as ‘perverse and illegal, displaying if anything a total non-application of mind’ cancelled the bails and ordered a 5 day police custody.

After the trial court granted bail to the accused on 28th May, the High Court had taken suo motto cognizance of the case and asked for the papers ‘to look into the legality, propriety and regularity of an order passed.’

Accused Haresh charged with having ‘entered into a criminal conspiracy to procure a forged and fabricated judgment’ was arrested on 25th May and Rao who reported ill was admitted to hospital and only discharged after the bail was obtained.

In his order Justice Sud records that the ‘trial court should have been alive to the situation that the case involved serious erosion of the credibility of the judicial system and the manner in which it was manipulated. The impact on public interest was plain and evident without launching into a detailed inquiry.

“The order directing the release of the respondents herein, is perverse, against all settled principles of law and cannot stand judicial scrutiny for a moment,” the bail cancellation orders states.

Booked under Sections 420, 467, 468, 471 and 120-B IPC, Haresh and Rao are accused of having forged a judgment of the High Court that Rao allegedly submitted to his superiors in the Public Works Department so as to obtain a promotion that had been withheld because of him being made an accused in another case.

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  1. says: Dr C L Dileep

    It is surprising how Kuldeep Rao (Minister’s brother) was given bail earlier. It is appropriate to mention here that his brother Dr.N.C.Rao, former Principal of HP Govt Dental College, is alleged to have misused public money released for survey purpose by the Dental Council of India. Even with so many Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) questions and enquires by the HP Government and the State Vigilance the accused are not booked for his acts of impropriety!!!!!! THIS IS THE SORRY STATE OF AFFAIRS.

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  2. says: PradeepR

    More important than the cancelation of bail, is the strictures passed by the Honerable High Court on the lower court that granted the bail. The report does well to quote the same. However, the entire lower court judicary would be spared of the ignominy of being suspect of similar practice if the judge was also named. Since of power of original jurisdiction of trial now rests with sessions (lower) courts only in India, their reputation needs to be kept unsullied by identifying which judge, not just court, passed such and such judgement. Courts draws their exclusive power of acting against the contempt of court from the unquestioned faith the people put in judiciary. Black sheeps must be isolated and exposed to keep up the same.

  3. says: bhupinder

    i was shocked from this news how minister brother subjugated law to his favour,exceeding whole limit of decency,crediblity,faith in system, i read from gujrat where one press reporter got arrest summon issued for attorney general soberji and president of india by paying money to laywers,i belong to himachal, it was so honest, polite state, in 80, i could not imagine,one day it would down so low and bring bad name, i supose whole lower court have become the dramas of money,muscle power of politicians,mafia and well oiled legal subsertives, it is shame, whole orders issued in such ways should be examined and guilty not only terminated, put behind bar for rest of their life, it is black day of indian justice system poor have not say,,money ,to fight for their right ,

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