Himachal budget lacks direction, vision – Kaul Singh Thakur

Shimla: Terming it a lackluster budget (2010-11), congress president Kaul Singh Thakur said that burning issues before the state had been left untouched as the document presented was nothing more than a jugglery of figures that lacked planning, direction, vision, dynamism and even ideology.

Talking to reporters in the opposition lounge after the budget presentation, he said the budget was silent on proposals for tackling unemployment, reducing man-animal conflict to save farmlands, plugging tax leakages, containing wasteful expenditure and for containing the damage done by making a wrong presentation before the 13th Finance Commission.

“The budget failed to even fulfill the promises BJP had spelled out in its manifesto,” he said.

About wasteful expenditure, he said that while the state languishes under heavy debt, ministers and senior officials have changed their vehicles and upgraded to travelling in Toyota Corola sedans.

He alleged that excise leakages were crores of rupees had been detected taking place from a liquor plant in Hamirpur district that had patronage for a BJP MLA but the government and officials were turning a blind eye to it.

Details in the fine print need to be looked into about the government have marked 32.95% for development works against the about 27 % it was for the current year, said Kaul Singh.

“It was most disappointing to find a repeat mention of old schemes in the budget, clearly showing a lack of long term planning, he said.

Calling the Rs 550 Cr kept aside to pay employee arrears as chicken feed, the congress leader said nothing has been said about paying the entire amount due to the employees.

The chief minister says that 61 percent of the arrears would be met but what stopped the government from paying up the entire arrears, he questioned.

Nothing had been spelt out about containing monkey menace to protect small and marginal farmers. Standing crops being destroyed by monkeys, blue bulls (neelgai) and wild boards, which was only increasing the number of people without a secure livelihood, he said.

Asking for taxing the rich and sparing the poor, Kaul Singh said that the higher VAT on diesel in Himachal Pradesh was causing revenue losses as the vehicle owners preferred to fill their tanks in neighbouring states where VAT was lesser.

Taking a dig at naming most new schemes after former prime minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee, the congress president jokingly said that senior BJP leader LK Advani is thoroughly annoyed with the Dhumal government as in three years no scheme had been named after him.

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  1. says: Vishal

    Stories are going around for quite some time about Liquor Plant avoiding Tax big time but no body has come up with proper data neither citizens or Vigilance. And opposition seems like not interested in corruption issues.

  2. says: Daleep Kumar

    K.attn: Mr. Kaul Singh Thakur,


    Your observations on the Budget are absultely correct and practical. BJP Govt must understand the points raised by you. Your point on the wasteful expenditures, heavy debt of the state government and despite of such major troubles of the state,the upgradation of the vehicle for seniour official is really questionable. State Govt should look into such issues and should act in accordance with the suggestions given by you.

    Best regards,

    Daleep Kumar


  3. says: Rajneesh

    I would like to ask Mr. Kaul Singh that Himachal Budget lacks direction…and what about Central Budget? Thats seems being run by Mafia ..looks like congress has given contracts to loot the entire nation with open hands.

    Himachal budget lacks direction.. and central budget is consumed & governed by “Directors of Corruption” like A. Raja, Suresh Kalmadi, Hasan Ali..long list, corruption seems to have broken all records and Congress should nominate its leaders for “Getting registered With Guinness Book”..

    Kaul Singh Ji, its very shameful what congress leadership is doing at Center…Looks like we are governed by Reincarnation of Babar’s and Mohammad Ghoris..who are looting mother INDIA again in disguise of politicians.

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