Bragta justifies sale of loss-making Gumma carton factory

Shimla: Defending sale of a carton factory, horticulture minister Narinder
Bragta asserted that all government norms has been abided by in
executing the deal.

Taking exception to leader of the opposition Vidya Stokes term factory
sale as a sellout that had left apple growers at the mercy of private
carton manufacturers, the minister said that the decision to sell the factory was first taken by the congress government.

Putting the blame for sale of the factory solely on BJP was not correct, he added.

To set the record straight, he said that the cost of the carton factory at Gumma was assessed at Rs 10.91 Cr besides a custom duty charge of Rs 5 Cr.

Contesting the claims made by Bragata, the leader of the opposition
said that some entrepreneurs had met her and complained that the minister was bent upon disposing the unit inspite their offer to run the unit and maintained that her speech on Governor’s address was based on facts and she did not make false accusations.

Defending the minister, chief minister Prem Kumar Dhumal setting the record straight was the prerogative of the concerned minister.

Regarding Stokes claim, he said, offers of turning around a loss making unit are normally made after the decisions are made. Besides, he added, both the present and previous governments were convinced that the unit was a sick one and had been making losses for many year, could not be turned around and needed to be sold.

Dhumal said that the decision to sell the factory was taken after
deliberations with all stakeholders. However, if the leader of opposition has substantial evidence to support her charges, she should furnish it and the government was ready to probe the matter, he said.

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  1. says: Avnish Katoch

    I agree with CM side here that when a sick unit is sold opposition comes up with many plans 🙁

    Best for state govt to relax more rules, make single window clearance a real single window. As of now only political bosses and those with top contacts are able to get their work done on immediate basis.

    Dhumal should learn from Modi about doing business. He means business and he has turned around Gujarat big time. I remember only 10+ years back he was just prabhari of HP BJP.

    It is about go getter attitude and getting the things done which our govt whether BJP or congress lacks in big way.

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