Anti hail guns project to be extended to entire state – Bragta

Shimla: Anti-hail gun had been installed and the pilot project had been successfully test fired, Narinder Bragta, horticulture minister let the Vidhan Sabha know today.

Replication of the project at a cost of Rs 27 crore would be extended to the entire state but it would depend upon the success of the pilot project in protecting fruit crops in Rohru, Jubbal and Kotkhai where 3 anti-hail guns have been installed, he said.

The minister was replying to a question raised by Rakesh Verma, an independent member from Theog.

He said that initially three anti-hailgun have been installed at Deorighat village in Rohru subdivision, Kathasu in Jubbal and Bareonghat of Khtkahi areas in this district.

He said that each anti hail guns would cover about 80-100 hectares of areas which can disperse the hail clouds up in the area.

Minister informed that shockwave created by the explosion of acetylene gas would not damage the environment as it anti-hailgun is

He said the technology had been procured from M/s Newton System International U.S.A through their authorized representatives in India, M/s Global Aviation Consultations of Hyderabad.

State government has signed agreement with the M/s Global Aviation on April 3, 2010 to supply each anti-hail gun for Rs. 2.35 crore.

Jubbal and Kotkhai, which produces 45 % of the states apple crop had been selected to start the anti-hail-gun on a pilot basis, said

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  1. says: Sandeep

    World Meteorological Organisation states “Anti-hail activities using cannons to produce loud noises (acoustic waves) have neither scientific basis nor credible physical hypotheses.” ( WMO document on Weather modification, update in the meeting of the Expert Team on Weather Modification Research, Abu Dhabi, 22-24 March, 2010. I can’t understand why these Guns are being so hyped. People are being kept in dark about the efficacy of this device. Instead Govt. should provide hail nets on subsidy to the apple growers. This Govt. is digressing from the main issue i.e. the bad condition of roads in the apple belt, collapse of administrative machinery during the apple season and sale of Gumma carton factory. I am stunned that media is a mute spectator at a time when people of upper shimla are living a compromised life.

  2. says: RKS

    Very true and logical. Perhaps policy makers as well as the masses are most influenced by the vernaculars and PRO which do not have time and capability to go through the well researched literature. BJP at least trying to win over whereas the predecessors befooled for decades by keeping people away from basic developments including all weather roads.

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