Himachal CPI(M) for one rank, one pay scale for nurses

Shimla: With there being three categories – regular, contract and those appointed under Rogi Kalan Samiti (RKS), of nurses with varying salary structures, Communist Party of India (Marxists) have demanded that pay parity be applied for same nature of work for all of them.

District secretary CPI(M) Sanjay Chauhan says that the government was violating the equal work, equal pay principal.

“Though all nurses were rendering the same services in hospitals, but where as regular nurses were being paid Rs 22,000 per month, those on contract were begin given Rs 13,500/- but those appointed by RKS were being paid only Rs 7,500/-,” he said.

Showing solidarity with nurses agitating on the issue, he said that issue of pay parity was on the agenda of a recently held meeting of RKS but the issue was ignored on the grounds that the matter would be decided by state cabinet.

Asking for appointing of regular doctors, nurses and other para medical staff in hospitals and ensuring pay parity by doing away with RKS appointments, the party has threatened to launch an agitation, should the discrimination not be ended.

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