Pangi Valley of Chamba

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  1. says: Avnish Katoch

    Getting transferred to Pangi use to be punishment transfer (dont know if this is the case even now), after seeing this video if I’ve had worked for HP then would have just loved the transfer to this place! I wish I can visit Pangi someday! Thank you for sharing this amazing video! I think this is first ever video on Pangi!

  2. says: Ankit Sood

    Dear Avnish,
    Its considered a punishment even now. However like its said ” beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder” and for a proactive person such as yourself there is plenty to do everywhere. Pangi would have been my dream destination as well.

  3. says: Dr Dharam Singh

    I really like this video too and appreciate you guys for having such a adventures trip. It was true that previously many people doesn’t wish to get transferred to Pangi due to lack of road, electricity and other basic amenities. But now, things have changed and Pangi is also slowly getting connected with rest of the World and days are not far away when it will be a real hill tourist destination of its own kind. Geographically it was isolated and once properly connected with either roads or in future tunnel may be the best solution, can change the face of Pangi Valley. Its only the lack of imagination and week will power of our Political system that even after so many years of independence, we are still struggling for getting basic facilities. Would have spent budget on such projects…Corruption is a big issue and that need to be eliminated from Indian system, other wise people may not be able to see and enjoy places like Pangi valley. I am from Pangi and wish to see a better future for coming generations in the Pangi valley.. Thanks for upload and i have only one correction to this video ie. Killar is a headquarter to Pangi Valley and miss cited as a Capital..

  4. says: Anita Thakur

    Dear All,
    Thanks for such a nice comments and praising about Pangi. It is very grateful to us. I am also from Pangi this video refreshing my memories and in future I am damn sure it would be a fantastic tourist place in Himachal.

    “Especially Thanks to Author of this Video”

    You did the fantastic job. Hands-up to you

  5. says: sujan singh

    Pangi the beautiful motherland of mine and i love its lovely people when it got green then it grew more and more beauty in itself I LOVE PANGI (I AM SUJAN SINGH nick name Sunny From pangi vill Punto) Plz visit pangi thanks

  6. says: Ankit Sood

    Dear Anita and Sujan,

    Thank you for your comments . You have a beautiful place and I would love to visit it again. I will be posting a few video’s on Pangi soon.



  7. says: Gonzalo Prieto

    Hi there:
    I´ve been in Pajgi Valley in 1978 trying to go from Manali to Amarnath. Quite a challenge. We were 3 friends, one from new Zealand, another aon from Switserland and myself from Venezuela. The friend from Switzerland got very ill at Kilar and almost died. We had to trek a very deep an difficult pass more than 5.000 mts high in the way to Chamba in order to get to a hospital.. As I wuold like to write about thar shocking experience I´d like to know this pass name. Can anybody inform me about,. I´d like to be precise in my description about the shoking but indescriptable beauty of the indian himalayas. I´ll never forget. Learn to love India. From the Andes to the Himalayas.

    1. says: Dr Dharam Singh

      Hi Priesto,
      I can imagine very well the difficulty you had faced during journey in 1978 to Pangi by Manali. Kindly find the information requested by you.
      The shortest route from Pangi to Chamba is by SACH Pass (height: 4500 mts). Now, this route is open to vehicles in the summer from June end to Dec and road is better known as AK (Alwas-Killar) road. Basically you start from Killar, through Bagoto then crossing SACH PASS, the highest peak (you will find a GODDESS temple on the top), followed by base camp at Satrundi and then Bairagarh, Tissa to CHAMBA headquarter.
      Its good to know that you had courage to travel in difficult terrain on foot despite of all odds. If you need any more information, please don’t hesitate to contact me. You can mail me at .

    2. says: Binaya

      Hi Gonzalo,

      Great to know that you have been to there much before I could go there. I am sure you had seen the valley in its virginity and stark realities. The name of the pass, which you crossed over from Killar must be SACH PASS. Now there is a motorable road connecting to Chamba city. I would love to read about your shocking experience which you had during your visit. If you won’t mind, would you share with me your experince there in 1970s. I went to Pangi valley in 2006 and working there in preserving their language and culture. It would be great help if you can share some of your experience and snaps if you have any. Thanks, Binaya

      1. says: narender

        Hello Dharam ‘n’ Binaya,

        please read out the sentences carefully, the guy Gonzalo was going from manali to J n k, i.e. Amarnath, so the pass that the guy would had crossed be the ROHTANG, if u r going from chamba to killar then only SAACH pass will come into picture.
        lets talk about SAACH pass in 1978, i suppose there would not be any securities and the way that u c just 4-5 years back. in 1978 only experienced folks dare to cross the saach pass, since its quite a horrible trek so for in Himachal.

        please share useful info.


        1. says: Dharam Singh

          Dear Mr Narender,
          I think better you check the sentences written by Mr Gonzalo and understand them carefully. He wrote that he was trying to go from Manali to Amarnath and in between at Killar one of the fellow got seriously sick. So the shortest route to reach Chamba is by Sach pass. That’s what he wrote in his communication. I discussed about the latest and old landmarks on the route. Therefore, i don’t understand why you are writing that please share the useful information? I have provided him the information relevant to his trip. Be sensible to what you write on net.

  8. says: Subhash Dawkhar

    Recently Helicoptor service is made availble from Chamba HQ. to Pangi. I have been @ Chamba several times but not able to visit pangi due to not availability of roads during my visit. (Sach Pass)

  9. says: Dr Rajiv Manocha

    Thats great video! I still remember lot of these after 30 years.I love to see more of it. Keep up the good work.I started my journey as a Dentist in 1983 at Killar Pangi & now live in most advanced part of the world working as Dentist in NJ,USA for last 25 years.I am from Punjab never seen any remote areas before that.I have crossed Sach Pass(2 days on foot)few times,also traveled through Kishtwar (4 days on foot).Helicopter service got available that time too & I used the service couple of times.Mrs Indira Gandhi came to Killar Pangi in August 1984 by Helicopter & i was there that time. Dr Chuni Lal Thakur was Block Medical Officer at that time.Dr Chanria & Dr Sandhu were Medical doctors working with me.

  10. says: Abhishek

    thank you sir for your great services . now things are drastically changed , every villages are connected with electricity and running water , only village in front of killar is not connected with road yet . education quality is not good may be take time to change . now pangi is a good living place .

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