Himachal Govt. to promote Masroor Temple

Shimla: In one-day Seminar on Masroor Temple, Prof. Prem Kumar Dhumal stated to promote the rich heritage of the Masroor Temple and Pong Dam nationally and inter-nationally by organising school tours to the places.

Rs. 71 crore would be spent over development of tourism infrastructure in Kangra Circuit in two phases with the 95 million dollar loan being procured from Asian Development Bank, he added.

The seminar was organised by the Department of Tourism and Civil Aviation and Language and Culture Department at Dharamshala. He said that the state had approached best of the public schools throughout the country to organise conducted tours of their students to visit Himachal to see in person apple orchards and hydel projects to add to their basic knowledge.
Prof. Dhumal said that the objective behind organising such a Seminar was to draw the attention of the world towards the vast heritage potential State had for heritage lovers. He said that tourism was the fastest growing economic activity in the world having potential to generate vast employment and self-employment avenues to the youth.

Chief Minister said that State had invaluable 40 kms. Clear water in Pong Dam Maharana Pratap Sagar capable of attracting any water sports lover to explore the potential. He said that State had 1.31 crore tourists during last year out of which large number were foreigners. He appealed to the local entrepreneurs to set up eco-friendly hospitality units in Masroor area wherein the State Government would extend every possible help. He said that Home Stay could be one of the concept introduced by the State to rope in villagers in rural tourism promotion activities which had been exempted from various leviable taxes.

Image Credit: Vishal Walia

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  1. says: Rajneesh

    I would like to ask our CM as when things will be done and when plans wll be implemented? We always hear so many declarations…this and that but nothing happens in reality. Masroor rocks cut temples are rarest of monuments in Himachal …but they are surviving on mercy of nature and god only..

    What will we show to international tourists? That we don’t even have a single goverment facilitation at this place..where guests can’t even sip a cup of tea or coffee while going to this magnificant monument…travellers should be adviced to bring flask of tea and food with themselves..our government is so poor that it can’t even afford a small cafeteria at “This International Tourist Place”

    I bet nothing wll be done untill these rare monuments come to the brink of extinction…then only leaders and toursim department will arise from sleep and form a commttie to look into the matter as how they got destroyed..what caused their degradation..how nothing was done other than declarations. .then finally blamig opposition party for creating hurdles for drafted plans and not implemening it..as usual

    From the platform of My Himachal..I ask our CM as where our leaders have this rare commodity “Time” and insight for actual development ? They are always busy dealing with politial issues, manipulating adminsitration to suit their motives…organising and collecting village pradhans, making press meets..wooing ward Members..Transferring Babus here and there…doing politics and counter politics….where polticans have the “Time” to do something good that looks like a demonstrated proof ?

    Most of leaders are limited upto fine oratory skills only….All they do is just “copy & verbal paste in front of media and public”…picking tit bits from here and there..as advised by chamchas in Adminstration.

    I would like to remind our CM about making a rule for stray cattle..that was declared few months ago..nothing hapened sir, your declaration didn’t change any situation..please also take care of your earlier declarations before aking new ones !

  2. says: satish kumar

    why ministers always made announcement only and not acting on the actual issues.One Hospital from last 5 years construction going on but when it will be completed nobody knows.One Roade from masroor to guler Project started in 1977 bat when it will be completed nobady knows.Temple is there we are listening from last 15 years govt.will provide basic facilities to tourists thats till date not there.One bank also PNB opened on the name of masroor but this one also 3 KM from Masroor .Maximum tourists from foreign countries visit this temple and villagers feels shame for unable to provide basic facilities but govt.don,t feel.They themself not providing any facility and not let to provide anyone because nobody can construct anything 200 metres of the temple boundary and till date by archeological department also not mentione from where that 200 metres started.One seinour sec.school is there even these department not allowing to construct building for school that building for middle school only school made Middle to seinour sec.but building remain same .

    I hope Govt.will look all these matters
    Satish Kumar
    Villager MasroorDownload: http://www.eType.com

  3. says: satish kumar

    i think all plans starts from shimla and ends itself there only because distance from masroor to shimla too much

  4. says: rRajeev Singh Bagga

    i think people of near by 2&3village organize a group and given a notice to tourism department to improve the temple like as a old fort of kangra.

  5. says: Mukesh

    I am hearing for development last 5 years but nothing is there because Govt will do nothing and not allowed to residention to do anything in 300 meter near temple area so it will be same as Kashmir muda India – Pakistan

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