Himachal Congress calls Anurag’s Yatra a flop show, BJP terms it a success

Shimla: While BJP here termed the Rashtriya Ekta Yatra a success that had raised vital issues about national integration, congress on the other had rubbished it as a flop show which was enacted without purpose or meaning.

BJP spokesman Ganesh Dutt told reporters that the Yuva Janta Morcha president Anurag Thakur led march from Kolkatta to Jammu & Kashmir between Jan 12 to 26 had got tremendous response from the youth and had strengthened nationalist forces in the country.

Anurag Thakur addressing a gathering during the Yatra

He said, “the Yatra has raised vital issues like ‘is hoisting the national flag at Lal Chowk in Srinagar a crime’ and ‘is Jammu & Kashmir not an integral part of India’, were being widely debated in the country.”

Though the arrest of senior party leaders had thwarted plans of reaching Srinagar but the party had been able to hoist the national flag at Katua in Jammu, he said.

The party has condemned the attitude of Prime Minister Manmohan Singh towards the Yatra saying that it had only played into the hands of militants and anti-national forces.

Ducking a question about Bihar Chief minister Nitish Kumar distancing his party’s support for the contentious Yatra, Dutt said that each party was entitled to its stance.

Congress spokesman Kuldeep Rathore went onto demand prosecution of the Yatra leaders saying that the Indian Flag has been insulted by them and they needed to booked under the laws of the land.

Talking to the media, he said that it was a flop show and an aimless exercise which reflected nothing but frustration of the opposition leaders.

“If BJP was so enthusiastic, it should motivate the youth in Jammu & Kashmir to hoist the Indian Flag in Pakistan Occupied Kashmir,” said Rathore.

The spokesman went onto add that the futile yatra was so devoid of merit that even Nitish Kumar, who runs a coalition government with BJP in Bihar had come out in opposition to his alliance partners plans of hoisting the national flag at Lal Chowk in Srinagar on Republic Day.

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  1. says: Anand

    Yes, it’s just beginning. Advani’s Rath yatra also termed as flop & Laloo prasad yadav arrested him. In the end they achieved their aim & babri is no more. Even Muslim judge can’t do anything. VANDE MATRAM.

  2. says: Rajneesh

    Everyone knows how much politicians love INDIA. If hosting national flags resolve a single dispute then what for all leaders are waiting and wasting national resources and wealth on Wars, terrorism, Arms deals..

    While in power at center, BJP in alliance with other supporting parties as NDA, during Mr. Atal Bihari Vajpaye Rule, where were BJP leaders and Yuva morcha Presidents …why didn’t they host national Flag in Srinagar for complete 5 years tenure? Tab kya desh ka Jhanda gum ho gya tha..Ki danda nahi mil rha tha usko fit karne ke liye?

    In 1989 when Late Vishvanath Pratap Singh was in power and his Union Minister for Home Affairs Mufti Mohammad Sayeed’s daughter was kidnapped, government released “5 dreaded militants” in exchange of her release but “same BJP” did not withdrew support however. Thats what everyone knows who loves INDIA.

    Not even a single sensible person joins these bogus rallies, i would like to ask our leaders as …can they show any single intellectual human being…or anyone from youth…todays youngsters who live in cities…a single student who is studying MBA, MBBS…or from IIT? Why can’t we find anyone from these arenas? I bet not even a single person from Mr. Anurags own high profile circle..as sometimes he’s seen in parties and gatherings with IPL, BCCI etc….At least one person should be there for the cause of nation..or at least to give company.

    “Vande Matram” “Jai Hind” .. are old ways to fool public, leaders should try something else.

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