CPI(M) To Observe Anti-corruption Week In Himachal

Shimla: Hitting out at both the BJP led state government and the Congress led UPA government in the center, Communist Party of India (Marxists) today said a campaign would be launched to expose corruption in both governments, for which the party would observe an ‘anti corruption week’.

Citing instances about the state government being indifferent towards containing corruption, Tikender Panwar, member secretariat CPI(M) said, CPI(M) would be observing an ‘anti corruption week’ from 6th to 13 December to highlight the corruption in both the state and central governments.

He pointed out that “a drug controller who was caught red-handed taking bribes, arrested and now faces prosecution was reinstated back on his job.”

The haste with private universities have been opened up, smack of corruption, he said adding that a major scam involving fake mark sheets and degrees has surfaced in the HP school education board, which only pointed to an nexus of officials with the perpetrators.

About the central government, he said massive scams like the common wealth games, land scams in Mumbai and the 2 G telecom scam show the level that corruption has reached in the country.

“ At a time when people in this country demand a life free from hunger and unemployment, they are witnessing sordid scandals of large amounts of public money being looted, he said.

Only recently an international organization called Global Financial Integrity headed by a former International Monetary Fund (IMF) Director published a report that showed that in the last decade 5.7 lakh crores rupees of illegal financial flows went out of the country, Panwar, pointed out.

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  1. says: Rajneesh Sharma

    As if their exposures will create history of world. Whom they want to influence? whose their audience ? A handful of students in university who forget SFI for ever when they leave University and get out of campus..

    CPI itself needs a revamp of its organisation, it has lost appeal everywhere… its only fabricating issues intellectually.. When they can see so much corruption and open loot in entire NATION…what stops them to take these issues aggressively to the masses…talking about poverty…what miracles they have done in West Bengal..they have been ruling the state for last 3 decades…how many poor people became millionaires with their policies..? Or have they got any demonstrated proof to show case their abilities? Is poverty, hunger or corruptions are totally wiped out from West Bengal?

    While in opposition CPI leaders keep making intellectual Sand Castles and when their own national leaders shared power in center government…they did nothing except killing houseflies in corridors of Parliament.

    Its all facade in politics…leaders just fool public..this way or that way with beautiful stories…their only concern, patriotism..poverty..deshbhakti etc etc are all fraud ..they all belong to just one creed whose name is “Power Lust”

    Where is Mr. Tikender’s cycle ? where he’s paddling these days..for protecting environment and Shimla..?? I guess must be busy with repairing tyres that got punctured before they began to revolve politically..lols..

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