Congress to submit memo to Himachal Governor about election code violations

Shimla: Opposition Congress announced plans of submitting a memo to the Governor on Thursday about gross violations in election code of conduct even as the party held that the heavy turnout of voters in the first phase of the panchayat poll was a result of the anger the electorate has against the government.

Expressing concern at deterioration in law and order, spokesman Kuldeep Rathore said that the congress party would be submitting a written memorandum about the violations to election code of conduct, increasing in corruption and the law and order situation.

Terming BJP three years in office as disappointing, he said that instead of maintaining law and order, police was being misused to settle scores with political opponents.

About prevailing corruption, he said that various land deals had been reported in contravention of state laws, where government land is said to have been given out for a song.

Claiming that about 78 percent winners in the first phase of panchayat elections to be congress affiliated candidates, the heavy turnout was a reflection of the people’s ire against the BJP three year term in office.

Discounting governments allegations about discrimination against the BJP ruled state, Rathore said that the congress led UPA government was providing liberal funds to the state under as many as 125 centrally schemes and the state was only trying to cover up its shortcomings.

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