An insight to Kinnauri Lifestyle

Kinnaur, beside beauty of its surroundings has a vibrant lifestyle, which is equally fascinating and colorful. It evokes a tangible attraction as well as keenness in travelers to know more and more about it.

It is an interesting fusion of sub cultures. The highlanders of Kinnaur still weave and dye wool and make dresses from Byangi wool for special occasions as festivals and weddings.

A Kinnauri bride, heavily decked with gold and silver ornaments and hand made garland of dry fruits (walnut and chilgoza ). A hand woven dress is worn by the bride with brightly embroidered hand woven shawl, covering the shoulders. The cap is especially made for the bride and the groom.

Chilgoza fruit of the pine tree

Kinnauri people mostly like to wear woolen clothes which suit the cold climate of the region. They wear round white or grey woolen caps called “Thepang”. It has abright band of green, yellow, red, orange or blue color to suit their taste. Woolen shirts called “Chamn Kurti” is worn by men with churidar pajama (a lower). “Chubba”, a long woolen coat somewhat resembling an achkan is also worn by men, with a sleeveless woolen jacket.

Women wrap dhoru or a woolen shawl on the back with embroidered border, running throughout its length up to the heels. Women also wear beautiful embroidered shawls on their shoulders and “Choli”, a full sleeves blouse.

Traditional footwear made of goat hair or wool and sole of goat hide is worn by Kinnauris. However , now a days lifestyle has modernized with men now wearing shirts and trousers and women wearing salwar suits. Leather shoes have replaced the goat hair foot wears.

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