Is Kinnaur turning into a wetland…

Shimla: Tribal Kinnaur one of the driest districts in Himachal Pradesh this time received more than thrice the season’s normal rainfall, says the weatherman.

“From June 1 to Sept 23, Kinnaur recorded 535 mm of rain while the normal rainfall in the district is only 161 mm,” said the Indian metrological department(IMD) here today.

Once again Kinnaur continues to remain cut of from the rest of the country this monsoon.

Following heavy rainfall this week over a hundred tourists including 24 foreigners are still trapped in the Sangla valley for the last couple of days due to blocking of the mountain roads leading out of Kinnaur.

The tribals here are surprised by the fury of the monsoon, half of Kinnaur is actually beyond the reach of the monsoon.

But now the high mountain desert terrain in the higher hills of Kinnaur experiences monsoon rains which was unheard of until a few years ago,say local tribals.

They are alarmed by the heavy rainfall in recent years.This is increasingly causing huge damage to standing crops,roads and other infrastructure in this remote region that borders Tibet.

At the same time Kangra the wettest district in the state has deficent rainfall this time.It recorded 1374 mm of rainfall,while the normal rainfall here is 1520 mm.

Kullu district received 1118 mm while the normal rainfall here is 540 mm.Shimla district has also borne the brunt of the monsoon with 36 per cent excess rainfall this time.

The IMD says the entire state has received 12 per cent excess rainfall this season.

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  1. says: newhaekker

    this rainfall is also related to local exceessive and environment unfreindly activities of jp power ventures.where ever jp goes it distroys both environment n peace.

  2. says: lkkapoor

    I’m obeserving Kinnaur 4 last 21 years. No doubt , there is change in rainfall pattern but 2 say moving towards wetland will not be correct at this moment. Yes, the policy now being propagated 2 have so many small nd large dams 4 creating hydro potential will definetily disturb the ecology nd geology of the fragile Kinnaur, which is unfotunate.

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