Polyhouse in Himachal insured against natural calamity

Shimla: Insurance cover for polyhouse will be provided to the farmers against any natural calamity however, earlier the companies involved in construction of polyhouses ensured guarantee of two years excluding damages caused by any natural calamities. But now this insurance will prove more beneficial to the farmers. The natural calamities like storms, floods, lightening, fire, landslides etc. would be covered under the insurance cover.

Dr. J.C. Rana, Director, Agriculture that insurance cover for poly-houses would be provided by National Insurance Ltd. and United India Insurance Company. For insurance cover of Rs. 1 lac for a year, farmers would have to pay a premium of Rs. 110, he added. He further said that the minimum and maximum limit of insurance would depend on the cost of polyhouse construction that in turn would determine the premium.

To clarify he added that the insurance cover is only meant for polyhouse and not for the crops.
You can get more information regarding this insurance by contacting National Insurance Company, Shimla on 0177-2625096, 0177-2625096, 2624921 and 2624387 and United India Insurance Company, Shimla on 0177-2625302 0177-2625302, 2625397.

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