IISc to start B. S. program from 2011

The Indian Institute of Science, a leading institution of higher learning with a strong tradition of research for over a century, is opening its portals to undergraduate students by launching a four-year Bachelor of Science (BS) Programme. The programme is designed as a balanced blend of core science and interdisciplinary topics, to serve as a launching pad for research and doctoral studies in cutting-edge areas in science and technology. The graduates will also be ready for attractive career opportunities in academia and industry.
Major disciplines to be offered
1. Chemistry
2. Physics
3. Mathematics
4. Bio Sciences
5. Materials
6. Environmental Sciences

Students majoring in any of the above disciplines will also take courses in engineering, humanities, and inter-disciplinary areas for a well-rounded learning experience

The inaugural batch will begin classes from August 2011 and graduate in July 2015

Admissions will be based on national examinations such as KVPY and through other channels to be announced soon

Eligibility: 12th Standard or equivalent with Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics as main subjects

Applications will be accepted from January 1, 2011 till March 31, 2011

For details, keep checking the site

The Programme


A sound exposure of all students to the fundamentals of classical, scientific, mathematical and engineering principles takes place in the first 3 semesters (1 ½ years). Teaching of these core courses, include strong components of laboratory demonstration and hands-on experimental work.

After the first 3 semesters the students opt for a specialisation. A specialization is designed to cater to the vocational interest of a student. The specializations on offer are: Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Biology, Materials and Environment.

The student strengths of all the streams and specializations are about the same.

All streams are interdisciplinary in character. While the students specialise in a stream, he/she also broadens his/her knowledge and skill by taking about 30% of the courses from other streams. This combination of courses in his /her stream is listed in his/her degree certificate.

The students are free to choose their specialisation and combination of courses.

The students do a research project in the final two semesters of the course. The project can be chosen from any one of the offered specialisations. All the inquiry skills developed in the first 7 semesters will be used to frame questions, creatively explore answers and communicate this to the others coherently – to learned as well as uninitiated audiences.

One full year of participation in a research project identifies the proposed undergraduate programme as a uniquely research based one. Such research based interdisciplinary undergraduate programmes are well suited to meet the present vocational and post graduate requirements of the modern world.



The rich experience of research and graduate training at IISc is brought to bear on the programme by faculty taking part in teaching at the undergraduate level.

Mentoring and tutorials will be two important parts of the students life. With a one to one supportive academic interaction between teacher and student, the mentor helps in correction through assistance and guidance. Every lecture course will be accompanied by tutorials where the post graduate students of IISc play an important role.

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