Bad Roads in Himachal Apple Belt Kill 8 in 3 Truck Accidents

In 48 hours accident toll in state rises to 72 dead

Shimla: Human toll in road accidents over the last 48 hours has gone up to 72 as 8 more persons, in three separate truck accidents, were killed in the apple belt of Shimla district, besides the 25 who died in a bus accident near Chaila on Thursday and another 39 who were killed in a truck accident on Wednesday

Daulat Ram, SHO Kotkhai said that a small truck laden with apple boxes on the Kotkhai-Theog road, near Premnagar hit into larger truck instantly killing the driver and a passenger.

Two of the 6 persons injured in the accident died while being shifted to hospital and another one died in the hospital at Shimla, said Ram. In all there were 11 persons in the vehicle, he added.

In another accident in the same region, a truck over-turned at Patsal village today because of the road sinking in which killed the driver, who was the lone person in the vehicle, said Daulat Ram.

RM Sharma, SP Shimla said that another two persons died today in a truck accident on a rural road in Summerkot region of Rohru in Shimla district.

Toll in the private bus accident, which on Thursday evening lost control and rolled into a narrow valley near Chaila, also on the Kotkhai-Theog road, has risen to 25 dead as another 3 of the 31 injured in the accident succumbed to their injuries.

On Wednesday, 39 people had died near Rewalsar in Mandi district when a truck overloaded with passengers was returning home after having attended and feasted at a mundan ceremony at a neighbouring village. And 37 were injured in the tragic accident.

It may be mentioned that the 80 Km long Theog, Kotkhai, Jubbal to Rohru highway is being widened by a World Bank funded project by a Chinese firm, Longijian Roads and Construction Company being the main contractor.

In the midst of heavy monsoon rains, the road cutting done for widening purposes has led to landslide blockades and slush on the route.

With apple harvest in full swing in the region, volume of heavy vehicle traffic is causing frequent choking of the road.

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  1. says: Amar Singh

    It is a pity that the death toll in accidents within 48 hours has reached 72 as reported. The accidents is Shimla Distt. are occuring due to sheer negligence of
    PWD.The Police Deptt. is also contributing in it. The PWD does not earmark the dangerous curves in the hill nor widens them resulting in accidents. The police does not check overloading in buses and allows goods careers to ferry people more than capacity. Such vehicles ply scotfree in front of various police check posts and thanas. Things get worsened when medical facilities / doctors are not available in the time of need and the injured persons die. Many families get ruined but it does not move the sarkari tantra who keep on drawing fat salaries and crave for more and more without any realization of their duties towards the public.As about the ministers, the less said the better.Their function remains limited to shedding crocodile tears and issuing statements to take the so called stern action against the guilty, which is never taken. May God help us!!!

  2. says: Rajneesh Sharma

    Its sad to hear death tolls again and again…and shame on Government agencies and politicians who keep barki*g in the name of development and infrastructure development for convenience of public, whole year they keep sleeping and when it comes to peak season …be it tourist or apple season…these good for nothing people start disturbing roads, bridges which are already in BAD shape.

    And double SHAME on fraud Dalal Desh bhakt Politicians who make bogus propaganda of CHINESE threats on border and CHINESE products and IMPORTS .. weakening our economy.. and same Desh Bhakt Dalal Politicains dont find any INDIAN competitive infrastructure development company to construct above mentioned road..

    SHAME SHAME SHAME for HP government and politicians who keep sitting in secretariat sipping hot coffees and ignoring the important aspects of public safety and economy, lakhs of families depend entirely on Apple crops for the whole year as sole income but our leaders only send condolence messages with bridge collapses, road accidents!!!…I guess leaders don’t have time, they are very busy discussing road widening issues with CHINESE Firm.. Himalayan Ski Village ke Ban ne Se INDIA ko Khatra Paida ho gya tha..Aur Chinse Company Ko Theka Dene Me Badi Dilchaspi Dikhai ..Kyun ??? Hindi Cheeni Bhai Bhai …Until next elections?? Lols !

    Himachal Apple Brings Fame to HIMACHAL and Himachal Leaders Bring SHAME to Himachal !

  3. says: Avnish

    Very frustrating to see so many deaths due to bad road quality.

    These days I am working with Pennsylvania department of Transportation’s IT team.

    The way technology is used here is just amazing. They use simple ways to avoid accidents. Tar roads have rumble strips on dangerous curves. There are different types of strips. Where it is dangerous, those strips would just cut the the tires if driver uses more than posted speed limit.

    Every road is monitored and crashes are accounted for. Every large vehicle, here trucks are way too large, are given permits and their weight is taken before they even enter a highway.

    Up above that there is strong collaboration between police and department to enforce speed limits.

    The lackluster attitude HP govt shows, it’s very difficult to help them.

    One idea via My Himachal is to build a strong young force which then would work from outside or within.

    So many ideas but then no collaborations on govt front.

  4. says: Rajneesh Sharma

    Avinsh ji, bring technology with bag-full of bribery everything will be implemented, loot and corruption implements in INDIA, not technology and sensibility. Just see the CWG games scandal ..mind boggling billions of rupees wasted like water in purchasing equipment in name of games, 10 to 20 times of actual market cost.

    Just go by the latest edition of INDIA TODAY that how Independent INDIA is drenched in loot khasoot by leaders, officers..event the British Raj was far better in terms of Free India status when it comes to development ! Britishers bought railway network more than 100 years ago and our leaders couldn’t move an inch ahead after 100 Years ! Technology works here too , but with bribes, good ideas ..who cares?

    1. says: Avnish


      Some one has to try. After all it is our mother land. Via My Himachal we are able to make difference. Come join and help the effort!

      1. says: Rajneesh

        Avnish Ji,

        Definitely we seek to do things that work out positive changes, but do you think the current system of execution corruption and loot ..from top to bottom can make things grow well. I don’t personally believe in advertising press releases.. doing Yoga camps…posting polio some remote village…inaugurating this and that..Such tit bits keep happening without leaving any mark on this fractured , pathetic ..ghooskhor governance,,t doesn’t make any difference practically.

        Make a visit to Government offices, search out for blunders..frauds happening as the size of Qutab Minar..Handicrafts of Himachal..which usually gets too much fake promotion in talks NGO web sites, press media…just to please politicians ..cosmetic drapery with talks..Why not My Himachal brings all these fraudsters who have wiped out crores of Rupees in name of Handloom & Handicrafts Promotions in
        Himachal..collected grants fraudently in the name of innocent weavers..and minted money..Just go by these’ll feel that all efforts My Himachal is doing are just skimpy publicity stunts..
        general hospitals..see what is happening with general patients..poor people who get lost in this and that and get looted by private hospitals in the name of medial tests..all this is mind boggling

        All efforts My Himachal is doing for past few years are circulated amongst a generation who is well adapted to technology ..can use internet and make sense out of blogs and updates..very few people..what about rest of public that’s not even knowing what does My Himachal mean..get a survey done randomly..pick up 100 ordinary people from 100 towns and villages of Himachal..from bus stands..from public offices..from normal markets…from schools..from government hospitals.. I am sure not even 1% know what My Himachal is..

        when the whole bloody system is in grip of white collard criminals…captured by vultures, politicians who keep sucking bood of Motherland..then what can be done…

        If My Himachal is so effective in doing many things then why not try to bring those people to responsibility who are part of this whole vicious circle..

        Its time to dig rotten roots, rather than pruning dry leaves ..If you have the capacity to bring out a new section of publishing the blunders happening in Himachal..I am with you, will get you facts that will bring out culprits from Graveyards !

        Bring out a regular newspaper that’s published daily, not for praising politicians..adoring their fake gestures and fraudulent promises..but which can bring a trembling to their souls..throw these politicians to the last rung of your news too..instead publish practical woes of people..reach them in villages, in their everyday an ordinary man is feeling defeated ..why not the common man is getting benefited with so many schemes that are there for their welfare..use technology video shoots and take this web site to the hearts of people..let them be a participant of change..

        if this could be the new avtar of My Himachal, then i will put my services beyond your imagination !

        1. says: Avnish

          Rajneesh, very easy to tell others what to do and how to do.

          Ok here is the deal.

          Come with a plan via which My Himachal can do all this. Then tell me how and where to find resources and money to do all this. We would happily take the project and try our best.

          1. says: Rajneesh

            Avnish Sir,

            Well said, “Advice is a drug whose supply is always exceeding demand” All of us like telling what to do and what not to do, but execution is a big challenge.

            In my view, we need to have active participation from public & masses, then something pragmatic can happen.

            My view is that for involving people on bigger scale, we need to have something which interests them, which brings them some benefit out of which they feel involved as well committed somewhere towards action…the only force we can utilize is “public support” .
            We can use technology & media to make them aware of welfare of so many schemes available with government —horticulture subsidies..grants..funds..schemes.. allocated for agriculture..animal husbandry.. funds from government agencies ..the actual beneficiaries mostly remain non benefited..only a few handful bag the opportunity ..

            We can expand that NGO work as an execution help towards schemes from government for the public… if the case is genuine and concerned government department or officer is deliberately harassing the supposed beneficiary..then black list it on web site …collect his/her views and frustrations…and publish this on web site with photograph…getting such things done with public support..on mass scale will send trembling signals to politicians..its 100% politicians wishes to displease public & their interests..its only that people dont have a voice..a platform..these politicians keep enjoying all sorts of stupidities..

            A web site where there are lists of latest welfare schemes from departments…are displayed in Hindi Language, with details and procedures..when we can give them (Public) such things for their welfare..their interests will grow..and active participation will happen..A way to help people to get these schemes..get them aware to be benefited…My Himachal can take part and active participation will be will get boost and public support…these are my views how active participation can happen..

            Now the question of funds or resources for action…here we get to seek funds to do things on mass force behind one can personally take financial burden activities going on large scale…this is the most crucial subject for any proper functioning..until how long these meager donations or contributions will work? Even founders of NGO My Himachal may be feeling lukewarm..

            I think a a self sustaining platform or model needs to be worked out,
            A small weekly / bi – monthly newspaper..that’s good in content..specifically highlighting issues to public welfare with some tourism inputs.. who publishes pictures of volunteers who have interests in writing..or can send pictures without any charge..getting Government advertisements for much funds are spend on it… schemes..I know its not easy to do all this..many people..are involved..their egos..likes and dislikes…make whole story complex..but at least we can give it a thought..

            I wish you have something like that ..a new model or code of action where funds too get generated..and voice of public is expressed ..

            Your Question — “Then tell me how and where to find resources and money to do all this.”

            Here is where our media professionals get and newspapers never give adequate salaries ..they feel frustrated..write something against system and politicians…and soon get trapped by their own vested interests ..their lacks and wants..and the voice of public dies slowly ..this vicious circle seems very difficult to break..but lets give some try..!

            What do you feel ? Can My Himachal too come out with regular/weekly publishing on paper format..We need to be recognized on large scale..then only power to get things and public momentum will happen to promote and support us..

            “Sanghe Shakti Kalyuge” … this needs to be understood..

            1. says: Avnish


              We have tried to start a paper format from basics:

              However for that also you need money to print and then distribute and also volunteers who can do the work. As for as media people are concerned, they have all supported this platform. You may see at one point almost 10 top journalists posted their stories here.

              We need people, so instead of writing such long comments why don’t you take a task with MH and get started? As for as founders of MH are concerned they are just like you and me, no millionaire or strong family of HP. Its just those who care for HP. Our future is always in our hands, we do get exploited because we are always unable to join hands. Lets change that. What are you waiting for?

          2. says: Rajneesh

            Avnish ji,

            Thanks for replying, and for long comments i read with interest that’s why i post long comments. You ask me to take a task and start writing..why don’t you publish which i wish to convey, have guts to publish and i will send you the real picture of tourism devastation in Himachal, haphazardness of traffic..loot in Handicrafts in the name of NGO’s ..some culprits might be phony members of My Himachal forum too..I know it very well..

            if you doubt me, then send anyone from your whole list of members to Kullu and come with me to file a request for details under RTI for mishandling of Government funds and grants in name of innocent weavers, then you’ll get to know what does real welfare means to be, take a challenge, back this initiative legally and see how many black sheep’s you will find in the heard and imposing as saviors of Handicrafts.

            My Himachal works go on intellectual level only , with cosmetic talks of improvement of this and that..commenting about improvements..but things that ruin ..or the reasons for blunders keep hiding behind phony faces, with pocha maar talks leading no where..

            sab ooper ooper ki baten karte hain to serve motherland to serve Himachal..and when someone tells how motherland is being exploited ..looted…no one dares to take a step.

            The real exploitation doesn’t mean that there financial corruptions, political gimmicks being played upon..real is psychological exploitation which is fabricated around us by that we feel paralyzed to act upon..

            Bat to aapne kar di, take a task, ok i dare it tell me how much equally you are willing to take steps? Do My Himachal has the guts to publish the culprits / NGO’s who have been eating funds like termites for over a decade? Get the list of beneficiaries from official records and cross check it ..and you will reliaze that how “Weaver is Dying”

            Get into action and i will abide by my stand, come to Handicrafts office of Kullu and then see the facts..some NGO promoter is mama of a mantri koi bhanja and koi khasam khas of local MLA…they will screw everyone like peanuts..this organised loot is a sheer cheer haran of weavers rights and we all behave like Pandavas..

            Hai dum? Mere me to hai to take a challenge, if you do have then tell me, what way you will back this effort and what initiatives you can take?

            I don’t believe in cosmetic talks and phony gestures of mutual appreciation leading to blogging and nothing else. Polio drops aur health mele are good for kids…nice efforts…i like it in human sense…but Motherland ke real issues…no one touches them..

            Its like that Politicians goes to a Martyar’s home (died while fighting militants)…..condoling their families and relatives.. “Desh Ne Ek Sapoot ..Ek Veer Kho Diya..” Hum ko uski shadat Pe Garv Hai”

            And no one dares to ask this politician “How Militancy Is born” Why Our Motherland is Suffering? …The answer (Which a politician will think subconsciously “We need such system so that martyrs happen and politics survives”) would be.. we need to be united..neighboring country trying to disturb us…!

            I think this is not the way of My Himachal’s idea of saving the motherland. You wish that Himachal pubic would get united with My Himachal ? For what ? For Leepa Poti Talks and no action to do something daring?

            The rightful aggression is missing in your forums..only couch potatoes here, surfing the net and discussing hi-fi things!

            Its better we do facilitate sending flowers & gifts from My Himachal to users…or sending a bouquet of flattery flowers to MLA’s..or ministers…at least that will show the focussed vision with more facilities on web site !

            1. says: Avnish


              Very strong remarks. We are not with deep pockets that we can do everything. Every penny we spend comes from members. Tell us the plan of action and tell us where you need us. You have full rights to post here if you have proofs and if you are ready to take full responsibility. That’s why this forum is created. Phony members or not, we have only veyr few who are paid members and who pay for our projects. Very few Indians in fact.

              Bring stories and we will support in every possible way we can. Again MH is not with deep pockets so don’t ask for funds via which we can fight legal battles.

              Save the Weaver, yes, we do intellectually, brought students who built guidelines and policies and we are ready to share with all. Shared with government and other interested people. Also told everyone via this platform, more than that you need money to market the shawls and build your own cooperative, or if you have other plan then tell us. However I don’t think you have seen this:

              We are trying all this from US and India. However we get little support from India/HP side.

              For health camps, come visit our camps sometime and see how Himachal government fails on ground and why we do this? Very easy to comment but it took us 5 years to do this much work. Polio drops did save 3000 kids so far, is that wrong?

              And scholarships provided help to much needy kids for one full year! More than 200 so far! Is that bad?

              By the way we never send anything to users or ministers, I wish we have that much money! And we have never done anything for cheap publicity. This platforms’ task is to give power to people and if we deny that any day then you are more than welcome to raise the concern on any platform.

              Look here also we are publishing your comments and answering you. It does show our willingness and openness.

              But if you are thinking that some 20 members of MH, yes that’s all we have so far with paid membership for this year, are doing anything wrong then let me know and I’ll take an action. As for as members on open platforms like google, facebook or yahoo etc. or someone telling you that they are then we really can’t take a stick and beat it around the bush. We always keep our paid member’s name on our website and will do this year but there is so much work and very few hands.

              Do a realty check. Blaming someone who is doing good work is not the best way to fix problems.

              Again with limited resources we are doing the work. Now you have resources and ways to get info via RTI we are here to publish. If we have denied in past then let us know.

          3. says: Rajneesh

            Avnish ji,

            Ok nice facts about kids and polio things, even i said that’s a good work with human tuch.

            And for publishing, I will bring the facts and you will publish, but how about backing the issue? Do you think a single person should take would get into action and take whole task single handedly ?

            I asked that send some members who have been your active participants from forum or supporters to come along with me, so that i too feel worth taking all this action, or else its wont be more than scapegoat for hunting lions..

            I don’t have a press card or so that i am rightful for publishing and you take responsibility. How do Mr. Ravinder Collect stories? It’s never a single instance of breaking an organised loot through your web site..Just informative stuff goes on..or hinting out things indirectly..

            I have some stuff (Real pictures) clicked at tourist destinations that tell the real story of Eco Preservation in Himachal..Let’s begin with this first..though i am out of Himachal, i will collect more now if you publish them.

            Let’s make a beginning, and give me a confirmation through email that you’ll post them and never delete them from admin back end!

            Let me join hands for things that i can do comfortably (Without being a martyr)..I have many pictures collected during my travel ..mostly Himachal, Shimla..Manali..Dharmshala…
            Kangra ..etc. Not only eco – destruction..or traffic blunders but also beautiful scenic pictures..historical places..people.

            Let me begin from here first !

            1. says: Avnish Katoch


              I wish I have members in Kullu who can support you and come with you. All are volunteers who support as needed. You can call for support from same volunteers via this forum.

              Deleting photos or comments, you may see, never happens here if they are not against anyone personally. Though you said many things against MH. So it shows our patience.

              Go for it and send photos and stories. They will be published after our editor gives a look. Mr. Ravinder is a professional journalist and he does his work as per professional journalism rules and regulation. And if you want to learn how that’s done then he is the best person to answer that. I’d request you not to put more comments on this post as this was for a tragic accident and only those issues should be discussed on this post. You may start separate post for corruption issues.

  5. says: Anil Chandel

    Very sad indeed. And then someone from our elected officials, recently said of Traffic jams in that sector… “ALL IZ WELL”

    I have personally, experienced the fallout of engaging a chinese company for road works, back on Dec 2009. I drove from Una to Hamirpur, via Lathiani. That road had been dug apart, by a chinese company under contract and the work had stalled. Guess what, the chinese company employees were in India on a short term visa and had been sent back to china by the External Affairs (MEA)… at least that is what I heard of that contract. Sure enough, the state govt got the excuse to blame the center for that.

    If chinese can do it better than us, then off course, the state PWD should be renamed to Pathentic Works Department.

    Nice!!! They have found another way to sell out the State and in the name of engaging the private sector. Well, that won’t be Indian private sector, I guess. 🙁

  6. says: sudar

    Recently I visited himachal and happened to go through NH21. The condition of the road from Kiratpur to Bilaspur was so bad that in many a places, the size of the potholes was as deep as 1 feet and their size can put even mumbai roads to shame. From the current situation of the road, it appears the department is totally ill prepared to take care of the road, particularly when thousands of trucks associated to the transport of cement and other essential goods are plying on this road. Very soon we may hear about more accidents on this road as well. The various road repairs projects are going at snail pace. Unless quality and quantity both are ensured, things will become really worse. Because on one side, the economy is going at 8-10% rate. Due to this the number of vehicles on these roads are multiplying daily. Whereas the road remains the same which was there thirty years back. And I guess the same will continue to serve the people of hill state for another 30 years.

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