Last journey of Karam Chand Katoch after 48 years

PALAMPUR: Mortal remains of the fateful soldier Karam Chand Katoch who had sacrificed his life during Indo- China war in 1962 in Arunachal were handed over to his family by the the personnel of DOGRA Regiment with full military decorum and honor at “Hut of Remembrance” in his native village Agojar twenty kilometers from here.

Earlier mortal remains of Karam Chand accompanied by DOGRA Soldiers reached his native village Agojar in Kangra District of Himachal Pradesh.

Wreaths were laid by Lt. Gen (Retd.) Surjit Singh and other serving as well as retired officers, Junior Commissioned Officers, Other Ranks and civil officials. A large number of war veterans of DOGRA Regiment as well as troops from Palampur and Yol Miltary Station turned up to pay homage to the brave soldier. Mortal remains were given last rites with full military honors and respect .

After 48 years of long sleep and sojourn of Sep. Karam Chand ended and his soul finally laid to rest in peace at his native place Agojar, (Himachal Pradesh) silently announcing the message to the people of the great Nation that Martyrs remain immortal.

Senior officers of the Dogra Regiment, Lt. General Jasbir Singh COS Hq. Northern command, Major General Amarjit Singh, GO INC 39 Mountain Division, Lt General S.S.Sangra, (Retd) , Brig Sudhir Sood Station Commander Yol and Brig D.S. Negi Station Commander Palampur attended the cremation. Briefing media persons they said Sep. Karam Chand was one of the valiant soldier of DOGRA Regiment, who without caring for his personal safety, sacrificed his life to limit the Chinese aggression in 1962 at Walong, Arunachal Pradesh.

Sep Karam Chand along with his peers assaulted on Chinese advancing forces and in spite of unfavorable weather conditions, meager resources and technological disparity fought till last breath.

Though large number of causalities were suffered by Indian troops but the aim of Chinese advancing army was defeated. During this gallant action, Sep. Karam Chand was continued one of those unsung heroes who laid his life for Motherland. The remains of this Hero could not be retrieved after the war.

They said on July first, due to incessant rains, a massive, landside took place near Walong (Arunachal) while clearing the land slides by Border Road Task Force. BRTF labour found circular identity disc and silver ring.

The local army unit ( Sikh Regiment) swung into action on finding through war records that the identity disc belongs to 1962 Martyr Sep. Karam Chand of FOUR DOGRA Regiment. The unit of SIKH Regiment took all pains to dig out the entire area, in spite of rains and danger of more landslides. On July5th, 2010, parts of Skeleton were recovered within one feet of the area along with fountain pen and cover of pay book (dilapidated state).

The relatives of late Sep. Karam Chand were immediately informed . They were excited, on receipt of said information through DOGRA Regiment personnel, regarding recovery of mortal remains of the brave soldier.

Mr. Ravinder Thakur IPH Minister Himachal Pradesh laid the wreath on behalf of Governor of Himachal Pradesh Urmila singh and Chief Minister Prem Kumar Dhumal on body of martyr. Thakur announced that state would extend all assistance to the family of martyr. He said Chief Minister was busy therefore he could not attend the cremation.

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  1. says: VIVEK MOHAN.

    Reminds me of “UPKAR” song…”Mere desh ki dharti…” Welcome back ‘son-of-the-soil’ to leave us forever again but not from our memories,hearts and minds.

  2. says: Praveen Kumar

    wel come back to your home land…….we all Himachali proud to you great man. you will always remember with this sacrifie in the history of soldiers. we all salute you proudly.

  3. says: Rajinder Katoch

    I have tears in my eyes. Katochs are the warriors, but due to politics in Indian Army, a Katoch is never made the Chief of Armed Forces. Famous Raja Porus who fought with Alexander was also the Katoch. I salute this great son of soil by saying, Jukha sake jo hamain, zamane main itna dam nahin kyunki zamana hum say hai, hum zamane say nahain. It is also a shame on those Indian communities who intentionally do not want to serve the motherland due to fear or other reasons.

  4. says: karan katoch

    Karam Chand katoch was my uncle . I am also in army and I feels the heart of a soldier about his country and his family we all katoch families are proud ed to him and my indian army saluted to him.

  5. says: akshay katoch

    Saheed karam chand katoch is my grandfather and I am proud to have brave men in our family bharat mata ki jai big salute to my grandfather

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