Lovers, dead in suicide pact

Shimla: Evading the law for allegedly having murdered the fiancée of his lover, a young man along with his lover travelled all the way from Chattisgarh to the hill station and ended up committing suicide here today.

Investigating Officer Yusaf Ali said that Sudeesh Kumar, a 30 year old resident of Durg district in Chattisgarh, on being taken to hospital, at about 1.45 a.m in the night was declared brought dead by the doctors.

Earlier his female companion Devi Vaid (32), a resident of Dhanmantar district in Chattisgarh, had woken up the hotel staff around mid-night saying that Sudeesh, whom she had said was her husband, had suddenly fallen ill and needed to be hospitalized.

Devi, who went along with Sudeesh, fell ill in the hospital and her condition deteriorated, resulting in her death by 9 a.m., said the investigating police officer.

However, Devi had let the hotel manager know while being taken to the hospital that they had consumed pesticide.

“A suicide note has been recovered from the hotel room which states that none be held responsible for their deaths,” said Ali.

The two had checked into the hotel as husband and wife on Saturday and were last seen entering the room at 10.30 p.m. on Sunday.

District police chief RM Sharma revealed that another note recovered from the room indicated the cause for the two having taken the extreme step.

In the note addressed to a Chattisgarh station house police officer, Sudeesh Kumar is said to have confessed to the murder of one Dr Ashwani Kumar that took place in Chattisgarh.

“Devi was said to be engaged to Ashwani before he was found murdered and burnt, in the last week of May, 2010,” said Sharma.

After the murder of Ashwani, Sudeesh and Devi had been absconding.

A post-mortem of the dead had been carried out and parents of the duo had been informed. No foul play in the suicides was suspected, said the police officer.

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