Snowfall in Shimla

Paisa Wasool for tourists in Shimla

Shimla: Much awaited snowfall has brought a smile of satisfaction on the faces of the tourists who spent to holiday in the hills of Shimla with a hope to see snow as main attraction. Outskirts of Shimla, Kufri and Narkanda, have received snowfall and tourists were seen fully enjoying themselves in the snow.

Though it did not snow in Shimla city itself but cold waves kept blowing to shudder people’s spin. Shimla experienced partly cloudy sky and recorded maximum temperature of 11.7˚C and minimum temperature of 2.1˚C.

Higher reaches of Lahaul & Spiti received heavy snowfall of 25.4 cm whereas Keylong recorded lowest temperature of -7.4ËšC and Mandi recorded highest temperature of 19.4ËšC in Himachal Pradesh.

Dry weather is expected in the coming 24 hours. May be it rains or snow in the higher ranges of the State, as reported by Met. Deptartment.

Photos by Amit Kanwar

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  1. says: Anup Ranta

    Shimla without Snowfall is like a queen without its crown….
    We must help our Nature Mother in performing its tasks…
    We must save environment….reduce global warming by taking prevention measures….SAVE SHIMLA SAVE NATURE & SAVE OUR IDENTITY…

    Anup Ranta.

  2. says: Sumit Dhorta

    Snowfall must have brought a smile on the faces of tourists but isnt it a concern for people of Himachal Pradesh especially apple growers. Earlier snowfall used to start in the end of Nov or starting of Dec but now we have to get satisfied by the fact at least that is snowing.There is a great climatic change in the recent years as all of us might have noticed and it is directly affecting the apple farming which need proper temp. at proper time. Productivity of apple is going down year after year. Its a major concern and if steps are not taken wright now,you never know apple could not be seen by our coming generation in our state.

  3. says: Nawang tobdan

    I am a resident of Lahul and Spitti district and know the importance of snow, how important it for the people of hills and mountains. No snow, no water, no irrigation where people are dependent on agriculture. Imagine crop without water, is it possible. A big No. I appeal to all to plant a tree in a month and help preserve ecology so that we do not face shortage of water. Let us assist nature to play its beautiful role of timely rain, timely snow and timely wind to preserve lives. Please do not forget to plant a tree even when you do not have land of your own but plant it in the fallow land of others.

    Shimla the queen of hills it is always refferd to by the travellers and poets now is reduced to a mere queen without the crown. Once rich with jungle is now a concret jungle, how nature will shower its bounty on the people who cannot preserve there land.


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