Overturning Wilson’s Recruitment Formula in Himachal University Not To Be Permitted – SFI

Shimla: Students Federation of India (SFI) are apprehensive that Himachal Pradesh University is attempting to dilute recruitment criteria painstakingly laid out by previous Vice-chancellor Anil Wilson in order to benefit people affiliated to a particular ideology.

Students Central Association president, Shikha Chauhan, who belongs to SFI at a conference call stated “the university at its forthcoming executive council meet on July 14th intended to approve Dhani Ram Sharma’s report for recruitment.”

“The report intends to overturn former vice-chancellor Anil Wilson’s fair and transparent recruitment process in which 80 percent marks for written test and academic record of a candidate and the remaining for interview,” she said.

“The new formula being proposed intended to reduce the percentage for merit and academic record and increase it for personal interview to favour candidates associated with a particular ideology, she alleged.

We will not allow any changes in the Wilson formula and will agitate in case the university tampers with the transparent process laid out,” she said.

The students outfit is also agitated about chief minister Prem Kumar Dhumal having attended the foundation day function of AVBP on campus. “It is blatant interference in functioning of an academic institution,” said the SCA president.

“While it can be understood about a political leader speaking at such a function, what is not acceptable is the Vice-chancellor disclosing his long association with it. Not only do such views reflect the VC’s biases but also compromises the neutrality one needs to hold such high offices in a premier educational institution, said Shikha.

SFI has sought that contentious issues like hostel admission for girls, expulsion of 2 students, retrospectively changing admission criteria for PhD in Law courses, new buses for the university, recruitment policy and others to be settled after holding discussions with SCA.

She said, “We had deferred a 50 day protest after the university authorities had agreed to implement our 30 point demand charter but if they fail to live upto their word, we would be forced to resume the protest.”

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