Himachal Agriculture fixes Rs 22.22 crore working annual plan

killarthe-hq-of-pangi-valleyShimla: In order to encourage organic farming, the agriculture department intends to register about 4,000 such farmers under a Rs 22.22 crore working plan that has been fixed for 2009-10 for the sector.

Director JC Rana said that under the work plan an amount of Rs 191.31 lakh for integrated cereal development programmes for wheat, Rs 49.20 lakhs for integrated cereal development programme for pulses and oilseed, Rs 90.50 lakh scheme for farm mechanism, Rs 189.70 lakh scheme for integrated nutrients and pest management, Rs 37.50 national watershed development project for rainfed areas, Rs 400 lakh schemes for protective irrigation and water harvesting, Rs 185 lakh scheme for promotion of organic farming and Rs 170 lakh promotion of cultivation of small millets had been allocated. An amount of Rs 888.89 lakh would be spent on forestry schemes under the plan, he said.

To create awareness among farming community about organic food promotional campaigns and exhibitions would be held and the government plans to register 4000 register for it, he said.

A 1000 demonstration about improved packages of practices would be laid on during the plan and added that 5000 seed mini kits would be distributed to the farmers.

About 30,000 quintal wheat seed will be provided on subsidised cost to the farmers, said the director agriculture. He added that 1720 quintals of high yielding varieties rice seeds will be distributed to the farmers on the subsidised rates.

He also Klso disclosed that 1000 seeds mini-kits of the rice of 5 kg will be provided to the farmers in the plan. He said that 5000 quintals of certified seed of pulses and oilseeds would be distributed to the farmers on concessional rates and added that 500 hactare land would be brought under the integrated nutrient management programmes in the state.

Rana said that 2000 farmers would be provided financial assistance for purchase of manually operated plant protection implements under the plan. In all 480 electric motors, 178 tractors, 400 animal driven implements and 90 power thrashers would be provided to the farmers on concessional rates under the plan.

One lakhs soil health cards are to be distributed to the farmers during the period and added that 1500 hectares land will be brought under bio pesticides under the plan.

About 760 farmers will be provided financial assistance of rupees 114.00 lakhs for conveyance of water through pipes and added that 150 farmers will be provided financial assistance of rupees 39.00 lakhs for constructions of RCC tanks in the state.

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