Dhauladhar Mahila Jagriti Mandal & My Himachal celebrates Swachata Diwas


Shimla: It would have been a relaxing Sunday for some, but not for the residents of Dhauladhar colony, Dharamshala.

Dhauladhar Mahila Jagriti Mandal, My Himachal and local residents—from children to the old all were together on streets, collecting garbage spelled all over the society. With no proper disposable system in place, people are throwing waste on streets and khad and some are burning everything including plastics, without being aware of its poisonous affects in the environment.

For the complete society there is not even a single garbage cane kept by the government or the developers. Also, there is no pick up vans for the collection of garbage coming to this area.

So local resident here have come together and decided to hold each other’s hand and find out a solution to this. With the help of the Samiti and My Himachal they are now on the streets and creating an awareness campaign, making people aware of the segregation process. The purpose is to separate kitchen waste from the dry waste. Once this kitchen waste and dry waste is segregated from each home, locals are trying to find a place with the help of panchayat so that this can be converted into manure and can be given to the local farmers. For the solid waste, they have no immediate solution, but they are trying to find a place where bin can be placed, so that people do not throw waste in streets and khads. Once they have bins near the house, they will all have a place to dump the waste, from where MCD can send the pick up truck at least twice a week.

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