Suresh Rana rejoices over his yet another victory!

dd33099smallShimla: In an exclusive telephonic interview with Himachal Pradesh’s pride, Suresh Rana, after winning six-day long the Maruti Suzuki Desert Storm 2009 says that he feels great. He defended last year’s champion Sunny Sidhu of Team Godwin by a margin of two minutes and fourteen seconds.

Talking about his race he mentioned that at Rann of Kutch he covered 64 kilometres in just 34 minutes which makes an average of 110km/hr. On this straight he also made the ‘Top Speed’ of 147km/hr.

When being asked about the margin of his win over Sunny he revealed that on the way he stopped at one point to help Sunny with his puncture tyre and later even his two tyres flattened which decreased his margin with him.

He’s looking ahead for three day rally Sjoba Thunderbolt scheduled for 21st of this month but not sure if he’ll be attending it.


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      1. says: Karan

        well that’s the way Mr. Rana does it………
        clocking that top speed of 147 km/hr needs guts…….
        good goin i hope that he continues the same form and defends his top position…..

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