Death By Ragging – Students, Parents Outraged

kachrooShimla: While the government draws up plans to make the state an educational hub by setting up atleast six more medical colleges, it is the death of a fresh medical student on campus due to ragging that has questioned the ability of college administrators to inculcate and enforce discipline in such institutions.

Students bodies outraged at the incident have held both the RP Medical College Tanda administration and the state government responsible for turning a blind eye to the problem of ragging that plagues other colleges also.

Mahender Rana, state secretary SFI told My Himachal News, “when Tanda medical college authorities took action against 23 students accused of ragging in 2001, it was at the personal intervention of the then chief minister that the offence was condoned then.”

“Not just the college but even the government cannot absolve itself of the responsibility for the brutal death of medico Aman Satya Kachru,” said Rana.

Kachru, the first year student of Tanda medical college who succumbed to injuries allegedly inflicted upon by his seniors, along with 13 other classmates, is reported to have lodged a written complaint with the college authorities on Sunday morning about the ragging that took place on the Friday-Saturday intervening night. On Sunday night, Kachru died.

Two students, Ajay Verma and Naveen Verma were arrested and two other accused, Abhinav Verma and Mukul Sharma have surrendered before the police.

In another incident, last year, authorities failed to take deterrent action against students of Ayurveda College, Paprola who were accused of brutally beating new entrants after taking them to a distant place beyond the college premises.

Rakesh (named changed to protect identity) a first year medical student at Indira Gandhi Medical College, Shimla says, “Lack of any strong penal action against raggers only emboldens them.”

“It then becomes a viscous circle and the very student who is ragged badly becomes bigger bully, the following year. Authorities are aware of ragging taking place but tend to overlook it,” he said.

On the request of Suresh Sankhyan, principal Tanda medical college he has been reverted back as department head forensic medicine and Anil Chauhan, head ophthalmology has been appointed ad-hoc principal of the infamous college. The hostel warden has been suspended.

Chief Minister Dhumal has ordered a magisterial inquiry and stated that strict action would be taken against those found negligent in their duty.

Rakesh discloses, “as fresh entrants into a medical college, it takes great courage to complain or speak against seniors but no one acted upon Kachru’s complaint, till he died. In fact, at first the college was in denial.”

Alarmed by the criminal act, parents who have their wards in various institutions feel that cases needed to be registered against the principal and hostel warden, who had failed to act when a written ragging complaint was lodged.

“Unless institution heads are not held responsible where ragging takes places covertly or overtly, there will be no deterrent and the problem will not be contained,” says Rakesh Gupta, whose son is in a professional college.

Deepak Shanan, principal secretary health when contacted said, “action will be taken on the basis of the magisterial inquiry ordered.”

As a fallout opposition congress has demanded resignation of health minister Rajiv Bindal.

Party spokesman Kuldeep Rathore said, “the health minister should take moral responsibility and resign as the shocking incident has brought a bad name to the state and dashed any hopes of developing the state into a knowledge hub.”

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  1. says: VIVEK MOHAN.

    So Himachal is in the ‘news’ again for all the wrong reasons or vice-versa?!
    We all are to blame…the 1’s who kept quiet earlier and the 1’s who are quiet again! These days med inst are nothing more than edu business centers churning out ‘munnabhais’ and now “bhais”! They are becoming like our police forces – totally insensitive to humanity and 1 expects them to serve 1?! Besides anatomy and physiology add anoyher class of humanity/decency/manners/etiquettes/civilization…

  2. says: ishita

    it is vary sad for we the people of Himachal just because of few people hole of Himachal is ashamed i feel very sorry for Aman and have real anger for the collage what they did could they not provide good medical care for Aman
    he died after 2 days what was collage doing till two days were they waiting Aman to die and then do some inquire they could have shifted him to deli hospital or shim la hospital
    why ragging was going on when it is beaned by sup rim court .why no action was taken over students who ragged them earlier even though they complaint hole of the collage is involved in this all the sinners should be hanged till death and the collage should pay companshashion Aman’s parents
    though it can not bring back their young son
    i am feeling ashamed by this incident
    i pray to god Amans soul should reside in peace
    i am sorry Aman and sorry for all those who suffered

  3. says: Samelson Jr.

    This is going to the extreme to copy stupid behavior from western societies. Ragging must be banned in all educational institutions. If it occurs, it should be treated as a criminal offence and the perpetrators should be severely punished. It is unfortunate that the parents of Aman Kachru did not act on his behalf in time to save their child. The courts should give high priority to these incidents and the press should give maximum exposure to these cases as well. There is no room in a modern society for this type of barbarism. It must end.

  4. says: Naren

    I wonder why this author is trying to politicize this tragic episode by blaming the BJP government.
    Quoting an SFI (a Communist student organization) leader to say that the student bodies (plural!) are blaming the State government as well is extremely poor journalism.

    The only people to be blamed here are the senior students and the college authorities only. Society should start an active organization against such acts. The initiative shown by people in claiming rights to go to a pub will be better served in preventing ragging in colleges!

    1. @ Naren

      Nowhere in the story is there a mention of a congress or a BJP Government.

      Not me, you have added a tinge of politics to it by first disclosing and then trying to defend a BJP Government.

      For me beyond political parties, “A government is a government”, nothing more, nothing less.

      You seem to have taken offense to a SFI leader being quoted.

      However, the point he did make was had the then government in 2001 not intervened from condoning the offense of ragging and had the Tanda Medical college authorities been given a free hand to set their house in order, things in 2008 probably would not have reached such tragic proportions.

      There is valid reasoning in that argument.

      Governance is a serious issue and should be treated so.

      Unless autonomy is not allowed in functioning of such institutions, part of the blame is bound to land on the desk of the authority that meddles in their affairs.

      Whosoever it may be, acts of omission or commission should be dealt without favour or biases.

      To give teeth to your argument you have also pointed out – “student bodies (plural!)”.

      Student bodies are not just political outfits. Besides the SFI leader a first year medical student to has been quoted in the story.

      You would be surprised that from a bunch of first year medical students (Boys) at IGMC, Shimla, not one was willing to be named and were much to afraid about appearing on camera for national TV.

      The objective and issue at hand is to clear up the ragging mess that has been permitted to become murderous over a period of time and not defend governments.

      Equating about a right to go to a pub with ragging is an absurd argument.

      1. says: Naren

        Thanks for the reply and your clarifications! I appreciate it.
        Just to make some points
        I agree that the TMC case in 2001 was not good (I do not know the exact details though). But this time the government appears to be taking a strong step in taking action against the perpetrators.
        The govt. has decided to bring in the 1992 legislation and pass it in the monsoon session.
        It seems to me that the SFI leader is using the situation to attack the state government and make some political gains.
        By quoting him in your article I felt you only helped him in his endeavors.

        I agree with your statement that the objective here is to clear up the ragging mess. I am totally against ragging and feel anyone found involved in it should face strict punishment!
        The issue should not be politicized which is why I was not comfortable with you quoting a communist leader.

  5. says: vishal sharma

    i totally agree with the point of the author but let me tell that the state govt. is also responsible for this case.
    to prove this point let me quote the words of our health minister of himachal pradesh, Dr. Rajeev Bindal, in a press interview he told the media that he new about the ragging case which took place in tanda as he was called up by some unknown student of the medical college on 8th of march informing him about hte ragging case.
    having known about the case, why didn’t he take immediate steps against the culprits????????
    i myself belong to a family in shimla which is a strong supporter of BJP.
    even my family members hold prestegious positions in the state working committee of BJP but as far as this case is concerned, i have to blame the for not taking appropriate steps to curb this menace.

    vishal sharma
    engg. student
    akal college of engg. & tech.
    baru sahib.

  6. says: robin

    it is nice that people are showing sympathy and it should be shown as well but another thing also is there …dont just see things from only one side and make ur mind set according to it if thers a coin if it has heads then it also has tails ….colge authorities failed oky they failed but what ws going on at that time anyone knew the whole of the college and machines and whole system was being shifted from Dharamshala hospital to TMC so for shifting such a vast kind of hospital or i say territory from one place to another that too in 2nd a half month requires hard work and many facts are hidden wich have to be explored time will come whn those hidden facts will come out and when the tail part of the coin will come out everything will be cleard so wait ….

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