Shimla as was in Nineteenth Century

Source: Official Website of Shimla

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  1. says: sudarshan kumar

    In Picture 3, it is the famous scandal point. I wonder that why it is named as scandal point?
    Can some one please elaborate.

  2. says: rahul

    thanks for such beautiful snaps.who knows why i’m so close and emotional about you shimla.i’m fine shimla take care

  3. says: LS

    nice pics……story of scandal point starts with the kidnapping of viceroys daughter by maharaja patiala…he was caught and was banned entry to shimla he said ill make my own shimla and founded chail…

  4. says: Sanjay Verma

    thank u for these pictures i love shimla because i lived there in summerhills. i want to see taradevi mandir, advance studies, military hospital, sankatmochan mandir and also more photos of summer hills where i lived(army quarters) etc

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