Awaz Pahadan Di: Episode 1

[display_podcast]Welcome to our own podcast Awaz Pahadan di. We are delighted to announce the launch of our monthly podcast. Through this podcast we will bring you Himachali music, talks and interviews. So do not forget to subscribe to the podcast and tune in every month.

Here is our first episode. This episode presents first part of my Interview on Himachali music aired on 103.5, WCOM. In this interview you will hear my composed music and a song “Parliyan dhara more jo bole”. In the next episode you will hear more music and pahadi songs from this radio show. So do not forget to come back for the next episode.

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  1. says: Avnish Katoch

    Wah! Listening to the Himachali dhun itself is just divine! Thank you for bringing the Hills more nearer! Thank you so much!

  2. Nothing binds a community more closely than the music it holds dear.

    Passed on from generations to generations, the sounds of drum beats and music inherited which is tuned to the sounds that nature has bestowed the mountain valleys with are ones that we all carry deep within no matter where we may go.

    Despite all the innovative sounds created by modern instruments or gadgets, there still is no match to the ones heard in hill celebrations, be it marriages or festivals, in remote valleys.

    Urban culture has corrupted much of the music and it is sad that there is no archive which can store the original music for future generations.

    Protecting heritage is a must to maintain the diversity in unity.

    Dr Des Raj Kashyap, you need to be commended for being able to keep to your roots even in such a land as America.

    Foreign lands may distance one more but they tend to hold deeper attraction and reverence to the culture and its music that one is born under and longs for.

    May this effort grow to become a music treasure house for all of us.

  3. says: Devender Kumar

    Ye kaphi achha prayas h sir Ki apne himachal ki sanskrity or culture to itne unche mukam tak le gaye ….

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