Neighbour arrested for shooting school girl dead

[lang_en]Shimla: The police have arrested and registered a murder case against a resident of Matiana after he in all likelihood fired a gun shot assuming that a wild animal was near his house, which hit his neighbor’s daughter who was killed in the incident in the early hours on Thursday morning.

“There apparently appears to be no motive to murder or sudden provocation for shooting the girl, said RM Sharma, the district police chief. “A case under section 302 Cr PC against the person who fired the gun shot has been registered,” he said.

The 19 year old girl Lata Devi, a plus two student, was shot dead by her neighbour Raju when he reportedly heard some noise outside his house in the wee hours on Thursday.

The accused is believed to have thought that there was a leopard or some other wild animal, when he fired his gun into the darkness.

The shot hit the girl in the head who died screaming on the spot.

The accused who was initially reported to be missing has been arrested, police said.[/lang_en]

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