Fullerton India Conducts Business Symposium In Himachal Capital

A Business Symposium was held to advice small businesses, micro entrepreneurs and self employed people on financial solutions, based on five-stage growth plan, for their business needs

Shimla: In a bid to reach out to the community and make a difference in their lives, one of India’s largest capitalized Non Banking Finance Company (NBFC) – Fullerton India Credit Company Ltd. organized a symposium for small businessmen and self employed – “Vyapaar Samaroh” – in Shimla on the 13th of October.

The Samaroh was organized at Rotary Town Hall, The Mall, Shimla to provide financial solutions for business needs of small and micro entrepreneurs, businessmen and self employed people based on Fullerton’s 5-stage plan for business development. Fullerton India’s Vyappar division is focused on providing financial solutions to the large segment of self-employed population running small and basic businesses.

The Samaroh showcased Fullerton’s 5-satge business development plan. Each business is at one of these stages of growth and has its own need depending on the growth stage it is in. When these businesses need financial support and customized long terms financial solutions for their businesses to grow and realize their full potential, Fullerton India Vyapaar is there to support them.

Commenting on the initiative Mr. G.S. Sundararajan, Managing Director & CEO – Fullerton India Credit Company Ltd. said, “Fullerton India’s vision is – we care, and make a difference in the lives and future of our customers. As a responsible corporate entity, we are committed to deep rooted relationships with the communities around which we operate in. Shimla is a key market for us. This “Vyapaar Samaroh” is our way of educating the large base of small businesses and self employed population to understand the scientific principles of growth of business. By conducting these symposiums, we impart financial knowledge thorough our experts who reach out to small businesses, self employed and micro entrepreneur community to advice them on the financial solutions for their business and personal needs. We are happy with the response we have got across India and we plan to organize such symposiums in all major towns and cities.”

The main objective of this symposium was to inform and educate the business community about the five stages of growth that is a scientific way of growing any business, right from increasing of stocks to expanding the business in different geographies. Suggestions were also be given by Fullerton India’s expert relationship officers to small businesses, micro entrepreneurs and self employed people on how to progress in all three spheres, namely business, personal and long term growth.

Fullerton India has three branches in Shimla that provide support to the financial requirements of the community at large, offering quick and hassle free assistance. Fullerton India’s relationship officers follow a unique model of ‘Neighborhood Financing’ which focuses on customers within the 5 kms radius of its branche

R.C.Gupta, Chief Engineer South, other senior officers and prominent people of the town were present on the occasion.

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