PTA Teachers protest demonstrate before Himachal Vidhan Sabha

[lang_en]Shimla: Teachers engaged by Parent Teacher Associations (PTA) on Thursday protest demonstrated before the Vidhan Sabha demanding an assurance from the government that none of them would stand to loose a job pending a inquiry report that has been constituted to go into their recruitment process.

With the protesters threatening to break a police cordon preventing entry into the Vidhan Sabha complex, the authorities resorted to a mild charge by horse back mounted policemen and pushed them back.

Ruffled by the charge, protester Babu Ram said, “We are asking the government to call off the inquiry being conducted under the Shanan Committee recommendations as it is only a ploy to remove PTA teachers.”

Giving in to an earlier protest by PTA teachers, the government had released grants to these bodies out of which salaries were paid out.Refraining from sacking them en-mass, the government has marked an inquiry to sub-divisional magistrates to oversee whether the selected candidates had met the meritorious criteria laid out when they were appointed.

The teachers apprehending being sacked under the inquiry findings are protesting that none of the selected candidates be disqualified.[/lang_en]

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  1. says: AMIT KUMAR

    Dear Sir, As all the P.T.A. appointees were unemployed before two years. Now they are able to get only two times food and it is best for govt to have four P.T.A. teachers equal to one regular teacher(in the manner of salary) than what is govt being finding. as per as P.T.A. comlaints concerned it is ok tha objectionable appointments are cancelled. but hose who are not victims should be given peace of mind. many teachers has left their private jobs to get this job . I think for them govt should think.They are able, they fulfill minimum eligibility and the are very devoted towards their duty. the must carry on with their jobs. Thanks.

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