No intention of reopening SAT – Dhumal

Shimla: The government during question hour disclosed that it had no intention of restarting the state administrative tribunal, was monitoring state resident employment quotas in industries and was alive to the issue of vocational courses being offered in the state.

Chief minister Prem Kumar Dhumal in a written reply to Kaul Singh (Congress) said that the state administrative tribunal (SAT) was abolished because of long delay in administration of justice. At the time SAT was closed there was a 24290 cases were pending and they were being transferred to the high court. The government had no intention of reopening the tribunal, the chief minister said.

Education minister ID Dhiman, in response to a question by Roop Singh (BJP) and Kaul Singh (Congress) about vocational courses said that there were 119 institutions offering such courses in the state. Of them 67 were BEd institutes and 52 offered other courses. The intake in these institutes was 8344 students of which 5860 was for BEd courses, he said.

Labour minister Ramesh Dhawala in response to a question by Dile Ram (BJP) said that large private sector hydro companies had employed 17,199 people from Himachal against a total of 31,063 which worked out to 55 percent. On the other hand in mini hydro projects out of 2762 people employed 2476 were from Himachal which worked out to over 90 percent, he said.

The minister said that his ministry role was confined to monitoring the labour employment clause of giving 70 percent employment to Himachalis and enforcement of the clause rested with the concerned department like industries and power.

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