Vidya Stokes: BJP exploiting inflation issue

KUMARHATTI: “The BJP was playing with inflation issue to get political mileage in coming parliament poll in country. The party has nothing to do with public welfare as it was evident from the fact that Mr. Dhumal led BJP government in state have failed to reduce tax on petro products.” This was stated by Ms. Vidya Stokes the opposition leader in state assembly while addressing a press conference at Baddi this evening

She said, Dhumal government had got applauds from all sides after presenting a tax-free budget. But now the government has started levying taxes in a hush-hush manner, she pointed out. First the bus fare was increased by 25 percent and then the power was made costlier. The ration supply to poor has also reduced. The Congress government had given Rs. 100-cr subsidy on ration for poor but present government reduced it to Rs. 90-cr, she maintained.

Criticizing BJP for making unnecessary hullabaloo on inflation issue, she said that the Congress has always worked for the welfare of general public and farmers. The Congress led central government has waived-off the loans of farmers in a big way. The employment guarantee schemes have helped to curb the unemployment menace in a big way. The crop insurance and general insurance scheme have worked well for farmers’ community, she maintained.

The state government real face has now come open, she said. All pre-poll assurances made by BJP have fallen flat with government was only working on single point agenda to help rich and exploit the poor, she asserted.

“The teachers’ and student community in state were also fed from BJP government’s wrong polices. The PTA teachers were being victimized hence they have forced to go for agitation.”

Speaking during occasion, Mr. Lajja Ram, former MLA from Doon said that law and order condition has gone worst during BJP rule in state.

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  1. says: Gokul Butail

    Yes, the state Govt. should reduce VAT on the Petrol n Petro Products. About a dozen of states have already done it. Why is the Govt. of Himachal adament on this ?

    This inflation can only be controlled if both the Centre & the State Govt. come together to curb this.

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