Congress Led Himachal Into Heavy Debt – BJP Ministers

Shimla: Senior minister Ravinder Ravi and Kishan Kapoor held successive congress governments responsible for the huge fiscal debt that the state was burdened with.

In a communiqué the duo ridiculed state congress president Viplove Thakur for trying to belittle BJP government. It is not the BJP but the congress governments who resorted to merrymaking by using public funds and have pushed the state into a debt liability of about Rs 23,000 crore, they state.

Despite the UPA government being headed by the congress party, the previous government could not even access due funds under calamity relief, say the ministers.

Holding the UPA government responsible for price rise, the two say that it was failure on the part of the central government and an attempt was being made to shift the onus onto the state governments about it

Separately Thakur Gulab Singh, PWD minister and Narinder Bragta, horticulture minister blamed the previous congress government for opening educational institutions without any rationale but to gain cheap publicity.

In an election year, pandering to electoral interests schools were opened without any budgetary provisions, say the duo. In many such school opened the number of students was less and many teachers had been rendered surplus, the state.

They said it was absolutely absurd for parliamentarian Pratibha Singh to say that foodgrains were not available in public distribution depots. Sufficient stocks of foodgrains were available and a regular supply was being maintained.

The duo said that the congress was trying to politicize the issue of PTA teacher appointments after the issue had been thoroughly discussed in the Vidhan Sabha and committee set up which has suggested ways to remove any irregularities that may have crept into the recruitment process adopted earlier.

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