Himachal to revise TD Allotment Policy

Shimla: Himachal Pradesh Chief Minister, Prof. Prem Kumar Dhumal, while presiding over a meeting of Forest Department said that state government would be considering formulation of revised TD Allotment Policy. He said this after examining and taking all related aspects into consideration to make the policy more practical and rational.

He added that the government was working on the vacation of the ban imposed by the Court and restore the customary rights of the people of the state so that TD facilities were made available to them for various valid reasons.

He said the government was taking this action in order to meet the domestic timber requirement the TD customary rights stake holders. It was sad to see that the fuel was being imported from other states to perform even last cremation rites, CM said.

Prof. Dhumal said that with the formulation of new policy for TD disbursement to the stake holders the people would be willingly cooperating with the forest authorities in protection of forests. And would use the salvage timber for the purpose which would help in optimum utilization of the same for the bonafide use of the right holders, he added. He emphasized the need for promotion of scientific silviculture in the state not only to protect the existing forest wealth but also increase the same for the environmental benefits.

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