Himachal to adopt strategies under Clean Development Mechanism

Himachal’s Chief Minister, Prem Kumar Dhumal announced that the Draft Policy for Climate Change-2008 Carbon Credits through Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) has been prepared by the Environment and Scientific Technologies Department.

Emphasizing on the need of moving ahead in a well planned manner, he said that climatic change can have an impact on cropping patterns and geographic shift in horticultural activities which would further affect wild life, bio diversity, snow cover, natural resources and rain fall patterns to avert which the state should prepare itself well and decipher a strategy. Marking areas like energy efficiency and conservation, renewable energy, gas, transport, industry, afforestation & land restoration, waste management and land use change for Green House Gas (GHG) mitigation as potential areas for earning carbon credit, he said that cleaner, greener practices would be encouraged.

He stated that the project ideas under now needed to be altered into Project Design Document and sent to the National CDM Authority in the Ministry of Environment & Forests for approval and funding.

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