Tibetan Parliamentarian-in-exile to stage dharna outside Indian capital

Dharamsala: Tibetan Parliamentarian-in-exile will sit on Dharna and hunger strike at Indian national capital, New Delhi to protest against China on March 21.

All members of the parliament are asked to reach New Delhi by Tibetan authority.

Exile Tibetans are concerned over the fate of fellow Tibetans in Tibet, fearing worst kind of repression and crackdown on them. The Dalai Lama reportedly spoke to some top leaders of the world to extert diplomatic pressure on China to prevent bloodshed in Tibet.

On the other hand senior official of the American administration are reaching Dharamsala to discuss with Dalai Lama on Tibet issue this week. The high level meeting was fixed for Friday by the Tibetan authority to chalk out a further course of action.

Ngawang Woebar, President of Gu-Chu-Sum Ex-political Prisoners’ Movement in Tibet, condemned the violent crackdown in Tibet by China,and urged international community to persuade China to bear the responsibility in finding a peaceful solution to Tibet issue. He said protests in Tibet were result of nearly five decades of Tibetan people’s frustration with China’s repressive policies, increased defamatory campaigns against the Dalai Lama and religious oppressions, and China’s policy of encouraging Chinese migration to Tibet.

He is the member of a group, who launched the Tibetan People’s Uprising Movement,he also called on the Indian Government to release all the 101 peaceful marchers held in detention since last Thursday st Jawalamukhi for taking part in “Return March to Tibet” and allow them to continue their peaceful march.

“Protests in Tibet show Tibetans are absolutely not happy under Chinese rule,” said Tibetan Youth Congress President Mr Tsewang Rigizin and called on fellow Tibetans both in and outside to continue “peaceful protests” to ensure Chinese get out of Tibet. He appealed Indian Government to show restraint in dealing with Tibetan peaceful protests being staged in different parts of the country.

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