Murdered girl identified

The police has succeeded to identify the girl today whose dead body was found lying along side the road in a dense forest area of Behlighat under Seri panchayat about 35-km from Subathu on March 22nd morning. Sushma Sharma’s (27) body was recognized by her two brothers, Ram Prakash and Charan Dass. The sandals of girl, who was employed in a unit at Baddi was traced by a villager on Seri Ghat – Neri link road who had reached the spot from grass cutting.
Surprised over the modern pair of new sandals in an isolated location the villager searched the surrounding area only to find the girl’s body at some distance. The villager had informed the matter to Mr. Gobind Bhardwaj the Pradhan of Seri panchayat.

The police was called up, that took the body under its control. The police teams were dispatched to Punjab and Haryana to find clue on body identification.
The body was appeared to be dumped in forest after murdering the girl. The circled blackish spots were found on girl’s neck besides some injuries mark on the arms. Initially it was presumed that the girl was perhaps murdered after the rape. However the medical report of body has discarded the rape possibility. The cause of death has been attributed due to some grave internal injuries.
Though there was no sign of forcible sexual assault.

She was putting up in a same room with one of her relative, Om Prakash at Baddi from the past few years. The girl used to come to her native place once in two three months.

As per police, the girl had arrived at Kunihaar bus stand at 1 pm on March 22 along with Om Prakash on motorcycle. After that what happened was still a mystery. The girl’s family has refused to suspect anyone behind the murder.

Om Prakash has been rounded up by the police. According to Om Prakash, he had left to his home after dropping the girl at bus stand. Om Prakash (31) was also employed in a Baddi unit.

The deceased hailed from Aanji Jaabal village that was about 4 km away from the spot from the dead body was recovered.

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