Fromer Minister Singhi Ram, Education Board Chairman BR Rahi Arrested In Fake Certificate Case

Shimla:Former horticulture minister, Singhi Ram and former HP School Education Board Chairman, BR Rahi were arrested today after the district and session court here today cancelled the anticipatory bail that was granted to them in the fake certificate case.

Anand Pratap Singh, superintended police Vigilance told My Himachal News, “Singhi Ram and BR Rahi stand arrested and would be produced in court on Tuesday where we will seek police custody for further interrogation in the case.

The vigilance achieved a breakthrough in the case last Saturday when they arrested SK Mahlotra, a former deputy secretary in the HP School Education Board for his suspected role in the fake certificate with which former minister Singhi Ram’s daughter obtained admission into a prestigious Delhi college.

Fearing immediate arrest, BR Rahi, the former chairman of HP School Education Board former minister Singhi Ram had secured anticipatory bail till 31st March that was canceled by the court today.

Rahi on his part has denied having played any part in assisting former minister Singhi Ram in securing a 10 +2 certificate for his daughter Upma Kashyap, even though the minister during interrogation reportedly told the vigilance team that Rahi had given him the certificate.

Upma though had failed her plus two board exam in 2005 at Lawrence School Sanawar but had managed to secure admission into Lady Shri Ram College, Delhi for the 2005 session on the basis of a HP education board certificate.

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  1. says: Rivesh

    How a middle class lower segment government servant accumulates assets worth crores is seen a normal practice in politics even in Himachal Pradesh now . How many people in Himachal can afford to enroll their wards in expensive boarding schools like Sanawar ? Kings are the exceptions in that case as the exploitative ancestors had accumulated enough for them. Richness should always be respected if built with enterprise and honesty.

    The story does not end up with politicians only. Even beurocrates within the pay scale range of 8000-30000 manage to accumulate enough assets. No justification for private enterprise please, as it is strictly banned while in government service. The differences are only due to corrupt practices, i.e. cash, kind, deflated pricing due to power nuisance etc. etc.

    Poor people! Discuss it all daily but unable to get out of this official web. To flush out these people from the system requires more energy level than it was required for wiping the British Empire.
    Please do not miss the opportunity to call a spade- a spade and socially boycott them. Remember! This is the starting point of our new revolution.

  2. says: Dr.C.L.Dileep

    Fake certificate and fake people!!! There is no smoke without fire. The minister, the Chairman and the Dy.Secretary – what a combination! It is appreciable that the Dist. and Sessions Court has rightly cancelled the anticipatory bail in this case. In all probability these crooks are by no means innocent. The judiciary has a very sacred role in our democratic setup, and should never give such anticipatory bails to these shameless people, who are a blot on the society. It is seen that whenever the bail is denied, these goons get admitted to the Govt. Hospital faking illhealth. It is written that ” Fearing arrest, the HPSEB Chairman had secured the anticipatory bail ” ; If he had not commited any mistake where is the need to ” fear ” ? . In legal parlance this ‘ speaks for itself ‘ or Res Ipsa Loqitor.
    That the minister’s daughter failed in the plus two exam in 2005 is no surprise. Her father could ” afford” to put her in St. Lawrance in Sanawar through his position. Her role as a student is clearly seen in her failed status. Illgotten things do not last long. To carry this further, the concerned father (read minister ) went further to get her a seat in Lady Shri Ram College, New Delhi, using his contacts.
    In olden times people who commited wrong were ostracized from society or banished from civil life. How about doing the same for these people ? It is time that these scoundrels are ‘ tried ‘ before the public in a public place, so that all and sundry can see their netas in their naked reality.

  3. says: Mera Himachal Mahaan

    This is just a tip of iceberg of netaji’s doing. Scratch the surface and you will find all his ill doings during his tenure.

  4. says: Meeta

    Corruption is not just only in the govt sector but also in the private sector people go to any extend to get things done. People try to earn money and fame through any means in both the sectors. They cheat the public.

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