Chief Minister Prem Kumar Dhumal Accepting Flowers

flowers.JPGShimla: Nikhil Gandhi, Group Chairman, SKIL Infrastructure Ltd. greeting chief minister Prem Kumar Dhumal at Shimla on 25th March, 2008. Speaker Tulsi Ram HP Vidhan Sabha is also seen in the picture.

Its worth noting that the chief minister at the very outset of his term had instructed that the people and delegations should not spend extravagantly on flowers and other gift items, instead donating to the chief minister relief fund helped in providing assistance to the needy.

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  1. says: Rivesh

    Dhumal government’s decisions with respect to flowers and gifts were highly appreciable. But now after seeing pictures like this, sentiments of at least idealist people are deeply hurt by seeing the difference between the deeds and populist preach.
    I was also shocked to see a picture where the chief guest is clearly seen accepting a costly memento from DGP at Daroh in an official function a few days back. (Himachal Police To Get A Face Lift, March 20, 2008)

    This is again the violation of new notification of government which prohibits any gifts in official functions.

    BJP government in Himachal have to become more credulous otherwise people can show them their way in the coming parliamentary elections, if it behaves identically to Congress.

  2. says: Rivesh

    Himachalies had always been under the influence of Rajas in the past. After independence the power center has changed the title. The erstwhile Raja developed the political culture on same pattern as was earlier in small kingdoms. This is a mere imitation on similar lines.
    The difference here is that of a short lived idealism and the basic greed for worshiping on the pattern of God and King.
    Enjoy the last rites of incumbency!

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