More snow in Barog, Dagshai

KUMARHATTI:In less than a week the town and its surrounding area of Dagshai and Barog have experienced seasons’ second snowfall today. The heavy snowfall in morning hours has taken the residents by surprise. The snowfall was first witnessed at Barog and Dagshai situated at the hilltops in morning. By 8 in morning the wide spread valley between Barog and Dagshai hills have worn white mantle thus turning whole landscapes into a fairytale land.

While this town received 1 cm of snow the Dagshai and Barog witnessed 2 to 3 cm snow. The snow cheered the residents as area has recorded snow twice in a season after a long gap. Earlier the area has recorded snow on last on last Sunday.
The snow accompanied by sleet and rain continued throughout the day thus plummet the day temperature below zero degree. The area was continued to reel under severe cold condition from past one week. There was little respite from cold after Sunday snowfall but the ongoing bad weather has again dipped the mercury to sub zero level.

However widespread rainfall in past days has cheered the farmers and vegetable growers

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