Monkeys To Be A Prized Catch

Shimla: While Mizoram needs a Pied Piper to get rid of its rat menace, Himachal is luring monkey catchers to contain its problem of exploding simian populations by offer cash rewards for each monkey trapped.

“A proposal about offering cash rewards for catching monkeys is being prepared,” says Vinay Tandon, chief wild life warden in the state. “If accepted by the government, it would be introduced in the simian infested regions,” he added.

Sources revealed that Rs 400 for each monkey caught is being proposed. The exercise would involve people in controlling the problem as well as give monetary benefits, said an official.

The monkeys caught are proposed to be sterilized and then shifted to two simian protection sanctuaries, near Shimla and Nadaun in Hamirpur district.

Protecting crops and farm land from marauding monkeys had become a prominent election issue that had figured on the election manifesto of all political parties.

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