Govt. contemplate a Medical College for Una

Dhumal laying the foundation stone of  Hostel of ITI at UnaShimla: Chief Minister Prem Kumar Dhumal visited district Una today where he dedicated Rs. 1.60 crore Academic Block of I.T.I and contemplated to open a Medical College.

Chief Minister considered vocational courses as a source to generate vast employment avenues and announced introduction of Plumber, Welder and Electrician trades in the Automobile I.T.I. Center of Excellence at Una from the coming academic session to help local youth to get themselves trained in demand based trades in industrial and domestic sector, while addressing a public meeting.

He added that State Government will not allow exploitation of the people at the hands of incompetent training Centres and not permit opening of teaching shops in the name of SCVT Centres.

He said that there was vast scope for self-employment in the agriculture and horticulture sectors, which needed to be exploited for their benefit. A technically qualified person can bring out more revenue in comparison to white collar jobs, he said.

He also sanctioned boundary wall to the Lepers Colony at Una. He assured Town Hall for Una. He upgraded Govt. High School, Badoli, Satosli, Chatara to Senior Secondary School, Govt. Middle School, Badehar, Fateyal and Jankave to Govt. High School and Govt. Primary School, Ramour to Govt. Middle School for next academic session.

He also led the religious procession brought out by the devotees of Baba Bal Ji Maharaj at village Kotla-Kalan, after he paid his obeisance at the shrine.

Dhumal at UnaAttending the Meet the Press Programme organized by Press Club, Una, Dhumal revealed that State Government would contemplate a proposal to open one medical college and explore the possibilities of harnessing the available potential for tourism promotion in the district.

He added that a proposal to construct an international airport in the district was under consideration, which would help in boosting tourism activities in the district.

State Government was also contemplating over the proposal to develop district as “Kinnow District” since it had high potential for the cultivation of fruit, said CM, Narinder Bragta, Horticulture and Technical education Minister, thanked him for this.

Dhumal asked the farmers to get soil tested and guidance of State experts in order to help them adopt modern farm technology, which is all free of cost.

He also presented a bank draft of Rs. 3,100 as contribution of the Club towards Chief Ministers Relief Fund.

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