Top lawyers seek Chhattisgarh CJ impeachment

Courtesy NDTV
Saturday, January 19, 2008 (New Delhi)

Details are now emerging about how Justice Jagdish Bhalla was promoted as the Chief Justice of the Himachal Pradesh High Court despite allegations of corruption against his family members.

It seems that while ordering the transfer, Law Minister HR Bhardwaj ignored complaints by two sitting Chief Justices.

Sources have told NDTV that information about his family being involved in a land scam was removed from the file that went to the President.

A day after his elevation, parliamentarians and some eminent lawyers are seeking Justice Jagdish Bhalla’s impeachment.


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  1. says: sudar

    Time and again Congress talks about providing a corruption free, progressive and development friendly governments. Their claim about the developmental works carried out by respective congress govts are far suprior than other govts in terms of quality and quantity. However, one point remains the in the arena. There is no change in the attitude of these typical CONGress politicians. That is corruption.
    They keep on promoting corruption through both legal and illegal means. One can see our law minister himself defending the corrupt people and the corrupt actions of his govt/ministry. The case of Justice Bhalla is one of many such cases.
    And it is shame on the Gandhi clan who entertain such people in the govt.

  2. says: Rivesh

    “Vinash Kale Vipreet budhi” It is all that we can say about the congress party of today, which is on the lowest level of ideology. Now the people have started understanding all this. But unfortunately, we are heading towards a single national party regime which is not good for any democracy.

  3. says: BG

    Both parties have their ideology written in papers but no leaders to follow that. Look at Rajeev Bindal, he was involved in land scams (accused of grabbing poor’s land
    ) but still got ticket from BJP and after that got a birth in cabinet ignoring other honest and senior leaders. Now we can guess the future of health services in state.

    Hindutva is the core of BJP’s ideology. But which Hindutva ? The one Mr. Modi is following in Gujarat or the one Swami Vivekananda used to follow and teach? I believe the definition of Hindutva has been changed completely during this time. BJP’s ideology was written based on original Hindutva not Modi’s Hindutva.

    There is no space for ideology or idealism in present situation. All bad are good for politicians. Whether it’s BJP or Congress.

  4. says: Rivesh

    I do not understand the land grabbing charges against Bindal. How can he transfer other’s land in his name? It is market mechanism where every body is free to buy and sell his land whether rich or poor. All landless people who had been distributed govt. land usually sell it for the want of money after the legal restrictions are over after 15 years. This land is mainly wasteland/grassland which can produce nothing for these people. Everyone will do this, if given an opportunity, but the propaganda about this issue was made just for cutting his BJP ticket. He has a full freedom to do the business like other citizen of free India. We must not term anyone guilty unless proved in court of law.

    I think we should not find complete idealism in any party. BJP has a definite advantage over congress in terms of leadership. Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi are political compulsions of this divided house. Has this party gone bankrupt for finding any grass root leader? Moditva and Hinditva have a popular backing in the Indian society as reflected by post-Ayodya issue. You cannot play with the sentiments of a majority community consisting over 80 percent of India’s population. We all know how congress relied on caste and religious politics in Indian politics for decades. But Mandal snatched the one part and BJP the other. It has now a few pseudo seculars left who are contractors of Hindu community and take their sentiments for granted. We all understand who voted for congress in Guzrat. It has to go to an extent where terrorists are not terrorists but a people minority community. Communal budgeting and reservation are some other example of appeasement strategy. Kalam could not get the second term because he spoke about the Afjal’s file which the cabinet never sent to him. He is an intellectual who is above his communal counterparts. Ignoring serious charges against a person imparting justice cannot be equated in any terms with politicians who also face the people’s court.

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