School Children Not To Attend Public Meetings

‘No community meals in school premises’ – Dhumal

Shimla: With the objective of improving academic environment, chief minister Prem Kumar Dhumal has asked the education department to ensure that no public meetings or community lunches were hosted in school premises.

“Lest studies of the students suffer, they should not be brought to attend any public meeting,” said Dhumal.

‘Every educational institution would be at liberty to organize its school functions be it sports or extra curricular activities,’ he added.

He said that it had often been observed that school children were forced to attend public meetings, wasting their study time and putting them to inconvenience. “Henceforth no school children would be required to carry on with their studies on all school days and not stand on the roadside to welcome visiting dignitaries passing through their areas,” said Dhumal.

He also asked for doing away with the practice of serving community lunches in school premises for it not only vitiated the academic environment but often the mess left behind was cleared by the school children, said the chief minister.

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