HPCA Can Build A International Class Cricket Stadium At Shimla – Anurag Thakur

Shimla: Aspiring to hold the first international cricket match at the newly constructed cricket stadium in Dharamshala, the HP Cricket Association (HPCA) has approached the state government for being given land to build more stadiums and encourage summer cricket in the country.

Anurag Thakur, president HPCA said that the some infrastructural issues needed to be sorted out before the first international cricket match would be hosted at the Dharamshala stadium.

He said that the sporting body was keen to build a world class stadium in the state capital but the government has not been able to give any land on lease for the purpose. “Our first choice remains the Annadale grounds to showcase a world class stadium, said Thakur.

Other than cricket facilities for basket ball, volley ball and table tennis would be created at places where Board of Cricket Control of India (BCCI) set up sporting facilities, he said.

Announcing the start of a state level sub-divisional cricket tournament, Thakur said that bringing out talent from hidden rural areas was the objective of holding such a

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    1. says: Anurag Thakur


      thanks for the appreciation n sorry for late reply as i just saw it today as i was surfing on Net.

      tk cr

      1. says: Puneet Dogra

        Dear Mr. Thakur,

        Its grate to see that u have taken initiative in promoting the cricket in H . P, I belong to Hamirpur ,Sujanpur tira and currently working here in Noida , we play here corporate cricket, I feel we should also promot cricket in H P so that young hidden talent can come out.
        I work in company which deals with the designing the engineering service for construction if any help required in that regards let me know our web address is was mentioned http://www.spectralservices.net Thanks
        Puneet Dogra

  1. says: Lalit

    Hi All ,
    Mr Thakur thanks for the kind gesture…………..but this gesture is not enough i think and a lot needs to be done in reality….the reasons for my dissatisfaction will be explained below…

    1. HP has been in domestic cricket for quite some time now but still no international criketer has ever emerged from the state.

    2. The likes of Najiv Nayar,Sangram singh never reached intenational cricket…what is the reason??? Is it because of the politics in HP cricket. Cant HPCA rise above all politics and bring some cheers to the massive cricket loving public of HP

    3. I have played cricket from School to college to club level in shimla , hyderabad as well as here in Singapore…but i still remember the passion with which people love cricket in shimla is unmacthed much more than even punjab, Hyderabad or Singapore…………….so why is it so that those deserving people are not provided enough means to make a living out of cricket by BCCI. even though BCCI is giving aways crores to cricketers acorrding to contract(even to bad performers)…I agree that all HP Cricket fans cannot turn in International cricketers overnight but still if we try at least some of the talented ones can show their talent..and others can make a living out of it ……………

    4. In Himachal what is the plan for expanding cricket t grassroot level…what actions are being taken..inly incident i know abt school cricket is that every year under 24 cricket trournament was organised in the gronds of best convents of shimla and only rich kids participated in it…..no one else even knew about it………..is this justified…

    5. Why does not BCCI provide adequate funds to HPCA. OR the other way where do the funds go.

    5. Most miportant thing HP hasgot the natural talent as well as environment which is too good for crucket….any interntiona lcricket team would love t play in lush green grounds of HP………so why not cash on it……..HP can be the only place where summer tournaments can be played becaue of its wather …….but nothin has been done so far …why……

    Last thing……..these questions are not directed to any individual but to the entire cricket loving public of HP………..WHERE are WE lacking ?????

    1. says: Anurag Thakur

      hi ,

      thanks for taking pain n ur concern for the development of cricket. but fact is HPCA has hardly won a game in Ranji Trophy before year 2000 . when i became president in the year 2000,annual budget of HPCA was only 20 lacs and now after eight years annual budget is 15crores. we have built international stadium in Dharamshala with approx expenditure of 35 crores. we are building 12 new stadiums one in each distt with the investment of 50 crores.
      HPCA team won Ranji trophy championship in 2006 .this year we reached semi finals again and also reached knockout stage of one days by beating DELHI,HARYANA,JAMMU KASHMIR, SERVICES.
      our women team is north zone champion. Sapna Randhawa is selected for 20-20 WORLD CUP.
      We have done this in only8 years which my predecessors couldnt in 50 years.

      tk care

  2. says: Rivesh

    Cricket, cricket and only cricket. It seems that the honorable MP has been elected for spreading this game only. I have never read any of his statement beyond cricket. Himachal has many more issues that needs to be raised at center.
    For example people in remote villages do not know about the daily happenings across state. TV and radio signals cannot travel even beyond Kufri, Shoghi and Ghanahatti due to hill specific constraints. What about other parts? State government is creating more posts of media adviser, director etc. etc. to disseminate information but how can they succeed is beyond my imagination. In this manner our representatives in parliament should at least convince the government to provide DD Shimla on DD direct platform. This will be a very effective mode to spread the states’ information about polity, economy and cultural traditions.
    There are many more such issues that can be explored only if one is concerned with the overall development of state and not with the political strategies.

    1. says: Anurag Thakur

      No doubt cricket is most popular game in this country. but now we have earmarked 50 lacs from cricket association to promote other games.which no other Association does.
      In short span of my lok sabha term you will pleased to know i have raised 43 questions in lok sabha and folowing are the achievements of this tenure

      1, got sanctioned 350 crores for bhannupuli -bilaspur railway line
      2, started jan shatabdi from una to delhi
      3, got sanctionfor two universities one central university and other Indus international, two engg colleges and many more

    2. says: Gaurav

      I totally agree with Rivesh! And add to that the environmental consequences that construction of any sort entails….This is my first visit to this website and I’ve been reading comments about how people value the natural beauty of the place, something that they don’t get in the big cities of Punjab or Delhi etc. All you get there is SHOPPING MALLS.
      Somebody please stop this mad man before he converts all of Himachal into one big crciket ground!

  3. says: ishita

    thats good they are building stadiums in HP but main fact is when it will be completed and how to get the money needed to construct stadium
    more over my wishes are with all members of hpca

    1. says: Anurag Thakur

      we have created world class facility in Dharamshala by spending 35 crores,you must come n experience .
      we are making 12 new stadiums ,one in each distt by spending 4crores on each ground.all will be completed in next 4 years as work is on on three stadiums.
      you dont worry about funds ,i have created 35 crores stadium in dharamshala ,when i started i dint have one crore.



      Tk care

      1. says: Gaurav


        Your efforts at developing the cricket ground in Dharamsakla are commendable but I don’t see the logic of having a cricket ground in every district. Even Delhi or Bombay don’t have that many cricket grounds! London, the home of cricket and one of the biggest international cities(bigger in size and population than all of Himachal) has 2 grounds! The BCCI has lots of money and I’m sure every state board wants its share of it…but please find other ways of getting your share of dirty money than going on a mindless cricket ground development spree!

  4. says: gaurav

    Respected sir,
    Myself Gaurav Khandagale i would like to join in your himachal pradesh cricket team .
    I want to playing himachal pradesh cricket team .
    I am staying at Thane (Maharashtra) & i am playing as an club level matches, district level cricket from organising MCA.
    I am right arm Batsman & Right arm off Spinner.
    I don’t know idea to how to come at your town.
    Pls guide to me!

    pls send me response & further information for my
    email id : [email protected]
    Expecting a Favorable Reply,
    Gaurav Khandagale

  5. says: NITYIN

    I really loved the answers here by the Member Parliament. I do not see any harm in having so many cricket grounds in the state. The MP mentioned proposed 12 grounds. It will ultimately create sports infrastructure here in the state and definately other games will also benefit. More than the cricket grounds, the passion is commendable of the MP. A little more maturity in terms of age and politics will definately help in growing the spirit of passion. The MP must be aware now it is easier to deal with the BCCI than with the govt. babudom. If only our lives can be simplified by removing the govt. from every spehere of our lives, it can actualy make things moving on ground.

    Congratulations Mr. Thakur, and I look forward to an international match at Dharamshala!

  6. says: Abhishek Parashar

    Dear Mr. Thakur,

    I would like to congratulate you on the great work done in Himachal for Cricket. I am not from Himachal but being a cricketer, I know what kind of effort it might have taken for you to develop such facilities. The stadium at Dharamshala is simply AWESOME. I played for Haryana in 2001-02 and you are true in saying that Himachal was never taken as a serious threat at that point of time. However, now it’s definitely a team which gives jitters to opposition. I am sure that your efforts will go a long miles in development of Cricket in Himachal. Here are couple of suggestions from my end to develop the game further in the beautiful state:

    (A) Conduct 50 overs inter-district tournament on league basis instead of knock-out. There are a lot of good players from weaker district teams who don’t get highlighted if they miss in their knockout game (which most of the times weaker teams loose). The poor guy doesn’t get to showcase his talent further considering the fact that selection criteria in most of state associations is the number of runs or wickets you have taken in inter-district tournaments.

    (B) After 50 overs inter-districts, make two teams on the basis of performance in the tournament. Now make these two teams (say Himachal A and Himachal B) play against last season’s Himachal Ranji squad in 3 day matches. Each team can play two matches against other two teams and then the final (total of 7 matches). This way you will get the best talent available (in current form) to make a strong Ranji side. This will also send strong signal to all those players who take things for granted after making it to Ranji team or after a good season.

    (C) Conduct corporate 20-20 tournament at Dharamshala for corporate teams in North India (Himachal, Haryana, Punjab, J&K). There are some really good corporate teams like Airtel, Vodafone, Dell, Infosys and others, who can come and experience what HPCA has on offer. Benefit will be good exposure of HPCA in corporate circle to get sponsorship etc. This will also further boost tourism at Dharamshala as well as give exposure to the stadium.

    (D) Start a “Center for Cricketing Excellence” at Dharamshala with latest facilities like video analysis, bowling machines, sports Science & medical support etc. You might also want to look into feasibility of starting a programme where kids are inducted to get cricket training as well as study in Dharamshala (under scholarship from HPCA).

    (E) You can use management practices like Six Sigma in bringing higher efficiency in the functioning of HPCA as well as Himachal team. Please let me know if you would like any help from my end on this (absolutely voluntary for you :)).

    All the best and keep the great work going.


    Abhishek Parashar
    [email protected]

  7. says: Dr. Pravesh Sharma

    Hi Dear Anurag Ji !
    Heartiest congrats to u for ur untiring effords for promoting cricket in Himachal… Facts cant be changed… Gefore u joined HPCA, The condition n status of HPCA in Indian cricket community was at thelowest ebb. No one can deny tht. Being a cricketer i can understand how difficult it is to keep the Association of so many persons with different mind setup, togather n well knitted.. I’m Happy tht Kachra is ot now…..
    All ma wishes for ur great career as cricket administrator as well as M.P…

  8. says: Ankur

    Anurag ji……
    i want to inform u that i m from distt chamba,and there everyone having a big craze about cricket..if you want to do something for chamba then please build one cricket stadium in chamba distt…

  9. hello sir.i m rupender singh mehta n i belongs to baddi area..sir hamaare baddi me koi bhi cricket accadmy nai hai..aap kuch mada kar sako to aapka bohat abbhari rahunga,,sir plz plz contct us 09805165195

  10. sir baddi me cricket talent bohat hai lekin ground or academy na hone ki vajah se sab cricket khelna chhod dete hai..n we can proove that..sir aap bhi kabhi ek aam aadmi rhe honge bas vahi time yaad karke hame jrur yaad karna plzzzzz..09805165195

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