Holding Of Early Poll Cost Himachal Congress Dearly – Kuldeep Rathore

Shimla: The congress leadership was in a huddle and mobile phones went unanswered as the day wore on and the elected result showed that the ruling party had lost the peoples mandate.

Party spokesman, Kuldeep Rathore held that holding of an early election caught the party unaware and did not give time to complete major projects which would have reflected the developmental image of the party.

“Prima facie, besides the holding of an early election, the other major cause for the party’s defeat was the marginal presence of BSP in the election arena. The party was not a serious player for power in Himachal but it did enough damage to congress, which has resulted in our party losing power,” said Rathore.

Rajiv Negi, a congress worker said that the party was unable to disseminate its developmental story properly, which resulted in BJP false propaganda prevailing upon our campaign.

He said that awards that the state received for literacy and state healthcare programs was evident that the congress government had delivered on welfare measures. Incumbency was not so much an issue for the party has lost some seats on very thin margins, he said.

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