Shanta for 50 percent women reservation in local bodies

shanta.JPGPALAMPUR: Mr. Shanta Kumar former Chief Minister and senior BJP leader today said if BJP was voted to power it would provide fifty percent reservation to women in panchyats and other local self bodies in the state. He said BJP was serious on this issue and after assuming power in the state it would bring legislation to this effect. He said it was BJP who had given thirty three percent reservations to women in Himachal during its rule in 1990. Since then no efforts were made by the congress governments who ruled to state to enhance the reservation of women in panchyats and other local self bodies.

Shanta Kumar was addressing media persons after completing four day tour of state at his residence here this evening. Shanta Kumar said during his four day visit to different parts of the state he had observed that congress was on the last leg in the ensuing assembly elections as there was grate resentment against the congress in all section of societies including farmers, employees and business communities in the state. He said people of the state had fed up with the wrong policies of congress government in past five years as it had hit common man in the state, the rising prices had emerged as major issue in the election as it had affected the common man.

Referring to repeated statements of Chief Minister Vir Bhadara Singh that he would release the contents of hard disc of mast computers installed in the office of Prem Kumar Dhumal when he was Chief Minister, he said Chief Minister was misleading the people of the state on this issue. Shanta Kumar said in past six months Vir Bhadara Singh has threatened BJP many times on this issue but had done nothing. He said he himself had caught red handed in the audio CD released by Major Vijay Singh Mankotia He remarked that it had happened for the first time in the history of India that any Chief Minister was caught in corruption scam through audio CD.

Mr. Shanta Kumar said that BJP was giving a united fight to congress in all the constituencies of the state, there was no differences among the BJP leaders in the state. He said the inflow of large crowd in BJP meetings had proved that people in the state wanted change in the government. He stated that there was strong under current in favor of BJP. He predicted that BJP would sweep the elections in the state. In Kangra- Chamba region the assembly result would be astonishing as many congress leaders including cabinet minister would not be able to retain their assembly seats this time. In Kangra district BJP would easily win over twelve seats and pave way for the formation of BJP government at Shimla.

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  1. says: RAJ

    Yes, thats why Shanta Kumar is known for his long term polcies , This man has courage to say the words he has, He is the leader known for his honesty and values , he likes to improve the poor society not by caste or religion, Now with his words 50% reservation for women in local body election has shown his long term polcies in the favour of nation. This polcies will have a good impact on the nation not in Himachal , this polcies should be implemented in each state of India
    My Best Wishes to Shanta Kumar

  2. says: Ajay Sharma

    Mr Shanta kumar is like “AMLA”. Amla tastes bitter at bite but leaves sweetness lingering in the mouth, thereafter. Similarily Mr Shanta Kumar’s ideas may seem harsh to some initially but are always well thought, far ahead of time and for the betterment of society. The only himachali politician rather political saint with vision.

  3. says: VJ

    If most of people think Shanta Kumar is a great visionary and his policies are ahead of time for the betterment of society then how come he loses very next election after implementing such great policies? People say we are more than 90% literate but are we really?

    Haven’t we lost the opportunity of taking the services of such a great policy maker? Out of his 55 year political career we are only able to utilize 8 years.

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