Honesty Cap Does Not Behove BJP – Anand Sharma

Shimla: Donning an honesty cap does not go with the image of BJP, is how Anand Sharma, Minister of State for External Affairs, countered BJP making corruption the prime election issue in Himachal.

When the Prem Kumar Dhumal government was in power from 1998-2003, even Shanta Kumar had admitted that corruption prevailed in the state, said Sharma. Moreover, minister of the Dhumal government had openly accused their own government of corruption, he added

He said that for a party whose then party president Bhangaru Laxman and senior leader Suresh Chandel were caught on camera accepting illegal cash, it was hard to digest an anti corruption campaign by such an outfit.

The minister said that the UPA government had delivered on development. Highlighting the Bharat Nirman program, he said that Rs 1,73,000 crore fund had been marked for developing the country’s infrastructure, the allocation for health had been enhanced to Rs 18,000 crores and the national rural employment scheme had been extended to the entire country.

The UPA government has committed to setting up a central university, Indian Institute of Technology and constructing of the Bhanupali-Bilaspur railway line, said Sharma.

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  1. says: bhupinder

    correspondent NEW DELHI | 19th Jun sunday guardian news,, how anand sharma is also cahoot in looting india wealth,,if lokpal comes, score of congresi willbe in jail,,including mms,chidamaraban,kamalnath as ficci chair tarun dass 50% commission agenst

    ajat Pharmachem Ltd, a Mumbai based company involved in money laundering and Hawala racket has been finally booked by the Central Bureau of Investigation. A case has been registered against Inderjeet Arya and Kishore Kumar Arya, directors of the company for criminal conspiracy and cheating a public sector unit, the Bank of India to the tune of Rs 339.83 cr.

    A similar case has also been registered against unknown officials of the State Trading Corporation of India Ltd (STC), a public sector undertaking under the Ministry of Commerce for conniving with Rajat Pharmachem to hatch the entire conspiracy. With the help of the government-owned STC, the promoters of Rajat Pharmachem were involved in large scale money laundering.

    Earlier in 2008, the Directorate of Revenue Intelligence (DRI), during its investigation made serious charges of money laundering and running a hawala racket to the tune of more than Rs 1,000 cr against the company. The DRI investigation report of 2008 says that Rajat Pharmachem Ltd is engaged in the manufacturing of pharmaceuticals on a loan basis from M/S Megha International Ltd owned by Ashok Sharma, brother of Commerce Minister, Anand Sharma

  2. says: Rajiv

    will we ever know what happens in this case involving STC and Rajat Pharmachem….if its a 500 cr fraud, how come we do not see any one behind bars??, there are thousands of such fradulent cases involving public sector enterprise

  3. says: PradeepR

    A himachali who ensured each if his country cousin is punished for electing BJP or his rival Vir Bhadra in Congress. Reminds of the story of fox and stork where fox offers stork dinner in a plate which the latter could never eat. So was his role behind giving Vir Bhadra the Steel Minsitry which has no other use in Himachal except for environmental destruction. Gave us from Country Cousins. Thank God, we can choose our friends!

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