Forensic report showed above 2400 candidates were allegedly recommended for jobs by Dhumal: Virbhadra Singh

Shimla: More than 2400 names were unveiled by Chief Minister Virbhadara Singh, whose names were allegedly recommended by former chief minister Prem Kumar Dhumal, during his tenure, in jobs in various organizations and even to statutory bodies; he also claimed that these persons are on the jobs for which they had been recommended.

Mr. Singh explained this while taking to mediapersons and said that ex-chief minister’s office had two computers and one hard disk of one computer and two hard disks of the other were sent for forensic examination. “While there were no names in one hard disk, which had been clarified by the forensic department, that was being flouted by Dhumal, the other hard disks contain all the names that are being made public today,” he added.

He also said the first letter, on 29th September, 2003, from the forensic department stated that the hard disks did not show anything but the second letter, on 8th October, 2003, by the same department includes all the names of over 2400 candidates who were recommended by Dhumal as chief minister for jobs.

Singh named Dhumal as a purveyor of jobs who misused his position to give jobs to other candidates and not to those of merit. He further pointed that there was even a list which stated who all had not been given the jobs in the various departments, banks and other organizations.

He also blamed the Himachal Pradesh State Subordinate Services Selection Board (SSSSB) for having burnt all the records of the examinations conducted by it just after three months, which was against rules. “While some government records have to be maintained for ever, there are some which can be destroyed, but the minimum period for which they have to be saved before they can be destroyed is five years.” He figured 1739 recommendations were made to the SSSSB and 192 to the State Cooperative Bank, alleging that as many as 58 relatives of Dhumal were employed.

However, Dhumal was not available for his comments on the allegations leveled on him.

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  1. says: Rivesh

    Thank God ! Virbhadra do not recommend anyone as it appears from such revelations.
    I remember my university days when all the students of Rohru or Rampur or Kinaur used to go as a delegation to him for recommending some of them for jobs through HPPSC and other boards and Corporations. Where they obviously succeeded. Even while in opposition, he could not resist this habit which was revealed by S.M. Katwal of Subordinate selection Board through a release of cassette two years back. Even after tracing hard disk of Dhumal he went on doing the same though, through open letters. Such a letter was written to VC of H.P . University asking to create a post for a person from Rohru and submitting the compliance. VC obeyed the order in obligation to his own political appointment. The issue was highlighted by a section of electronic media with evidences not by BJP. (Himachal today news channel with letter from CM)

    Recommendations and favors to favorites/sycophants and punishments to opponents are the main reason why whole of the state is entrapped by politicians. Otherwise people could have taught a lesson to representatives about their duties towards state’s development.

    Why Virbhadra kept it a secret till last week for elections ? Does he never adopt such course? These are some questions that need to be answered before giving him any advantage for this election, as he envisaged by hiding this list for election and befooling public.

  2. says: Anonymous


    Hardly a solid argument to absolve Mr. Dhumal. Could have done better than this!!

    I remember my university days when all the students of Rohru or Rampur or Kinaur used to go as a delegation to him for recommending some of them for jobs through HPPSC and other boards and Corporations.

    Now that is in bad taste.

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