Congress Soft On Tackling Terrorism – Rajnath Singh

Shimla: BJP national president Rajnath Singh today charged congress of being soft on terrorism that had demoralized the country’s security forces, especially after repealing special laws like POTA, which had been formulated by the NDA government.

At a conference call, the BJP president said that terrorist confidence in the country was high and many terrorist attacks had taken place in the recent past but the culprits had not been brought to justice.

He charged the congress of being scared of taking tough action against terrorists because the party feared annoying some sections of society. “Terrorists have neither any religion nor any faith, and they should be only seen as terrorists without considering what religion or faith, he adhered to”, he said.

One of the first acts of the UPA government on coming to power was to repeal the POTA law, primarily for vote bank politics and to appease a certain section of society, he said

Admitting that terrorists had struck at Parliament house and the Akshardham temple during the NDA government tenure, Rajnath Singh said that the security forces at that time were able to eliminate the terrorists but now the terrorists were getting away after committing the dastardly act.

Rajnath reiterated that BJP would construct the Ram temple at Ayodhaya, by bringing a law if necessary, when it comes to power on its own at the centre. At the same time he said that congress had questioned a matter of belief that Ram did not exist. BJP would not allow the Ram Setu to be broken at any cost, he said.

“If Ram is not true then why did Mahatma Gandhi envision establishing Ram Rajya,” he left a question hanging for the congress party.

Hindutva did not give permission for creating enmity or ill-will amongst faiths and religions but is an ideology and way of life but the congress continued to abet the two-nation theory for petty political gains, he said.

Accusing the UPA government of working under pressure from the left parties, he said, that the government lacked conviction in giving a befitting reply to China over Aurnachal being show as part of that country.

He admitted that political leaderships were facing a credibility crisis and the people were becoming disillusioned.

To ensure that the BJP manifestos were met, Rajnath said that he would personally visit all states where the party was in power to oversee that promises made were fulfilled.

He asked congress leaders to desist from leveling baseless allegations for the charges made against Prem Kumar Dhumal in the last election campaign were later withdrawn through court affidavits.

Whenever the congress party governed the country, people have had to live through high essential commodity prices and it was only the Vajpayee led NDA government that had maintained complete control, he claimed.

Rajnath said that Himachal for the most part had been ruled by congress governments and having an accumulated unemployment of about 10 lakh people for a population of 65 lakhs did reflect what the party had done for the people.

He claimed that BJP would form the next government in both Himachal and Gujarat and Prem Kumar Dhumal would be the next chief minister who would take the state forward.

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