BJP Hold Congress Responsible For Country’s Ills


UPA Compromising Country’s Security – Advani at Kullu

Congress to blame for country’s problems – Rajnath at Solan

Congress Playing Divisive Politics – Sushma Swaraj at Nurpur

Nandigram has exposed Bengal Government – Venkiah Naidu at Hamirpur

Congress mismanagement cause for price rise – Murli Manhor Joshi at Nahan

Shimla: The BJP leadership today unleashed a tirade against the UPA government on the controversial Indo-US Nuclear deal saying the country’s security was being compromised.

Pitching in their top five leaders, the BJP rallies in different parts of the state were well attended and the speakers took the central and state government to task over a number of issues

Speaking at a large election rally in Kullu, LK Advani, the senior BJP leader said that national security should be the top priority of any government and it was the Vajapyee led NDA government that had gone in for the Pokharan explosions. But the present government was assuring the US government that another nuclear explosion would not be conducted, he said.

Advani said that the prime minister was not in control of the government and it was being run thorough remote controlled by the congress president.

The common man was reeling under the burden of a price rise and the ruling party was only interested in playing divisive politics. Despite a death sentence being awarded to Afzal Guru for attacking parliament the government was skirting the issue, he said.

Party president Rajnath Singh addressing an election gathering at Solan laid the blame for the country’s problem at the congress door saying, “Being in power for the longest period congress is to blame for the country’s ills and they have lost their right to ask for votes, he said.

Talking about giving refuge Taslima Nasrim he said ‘If 3 crore Bangladeshis can live in India illegally why is Congress and Left making a hue and cry over Taslima.”

On the nuclear issue, the BJP president accused the government of selling the country’s interests before America.

Sushma Swaraj, speaking at Nurpur criticized the Prime Minister for saying that the Muslims should have the first right on national resources. “The congress was using minority appeasement policy to divide the people. Not Muslims but the poor people of the country should have the first right on national resources,” she said.

Murli Manhor Joshi speaking at Nahan said that it was the mismanagement of the UPA government that had caused a price rise of essential commodities.

Venkaih Naidu speaking at Hamirpur said the Nandigram episode had exposed the CPI(M) government of West Bengal. “The government’s writ does not run in West Bengal but the party’s musclemen rule,” he said.

Photo by Yash Raj

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