BJP To Provide Clean Government – Jai Ram Thakur

Shimla : Lest we forget in our rejoicing, BJP will provide a clean government, state BJP president Jai Ram Thakur who won the Chacchiot constituency from Mandi district told My Himachal News.

He said that the election result had proven that Prem Kumar Dhumal was an acceptable leader throughout thestate.

BJP spokesman Ashok Kapahtia said the result clearly reflected that the people were unhappy with the congress government.

“The decisive victory clearly shows that the people were not satisfied with the working of the congress government. They had lost faith in the honesty and sincerity of it functioning, he said.

Ashok Thakur, a BJP worker said that people have pinned many hopes on the new government. The BJP government would have to work hard to solve the problems of unemployment, bring price rise under control and improving the lot of the people by putting in place better infrastructure. Even in the health and education sector, the people expect a better qualitative changes comes about.

“Rather than opening new institutions, emphasis needs to be given in improving the existing ones for better delivery,” said Thakur.

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  1. says: RKS

    People have thrown out the incumbent Congress govt. in the similar fashion as was done to BJP in 2003.

    The reason: both governments failed to deliver the goods beyond the elite group of sycophants in different streams.

    Option one: enjoy the power in a status-quo system and take rest in the rest of life.

    Option two: Make some concrete steps towards reforming the entire system and focus on development of state only, keeping the N. Modi’s Gujrat as role model. Let the Pseudo secular people cry (for appeasement) but the real development that is felt by the masses has the capacity to overcome all such attacks. Remember ! only incumbents are replaced.

    Advice: Politicians must also keep an eye on their family members, relatives and members in close circle as the people in Himachal strongly resent bad behavior of people associated closely with leaders. This is a special feature of this peaceful state, different from UP, Bihar etc.

    Precaution: Avoid formulating irrational and populist policies that hampers long term development of the state. Fortunately Himachal now have its own resources and medium to evaluate such policies that can leave a great impact on public opinion. So beware ! No political party is out of scanner.

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